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In Hattrick, each league has a National Team and a U21 squad, each managed by their respective national coach.

The national coaches are elected by managers via public election. National Team coaches are expected to fulfill their two-season obligation. New elections will only be arranged when coaches are prevented or hindered from fulfilling their obligation for various reasons, at the discretion of the National Team Administrators.

Elections should be fair. To ensure fairness the National Team Administrators will not hesitate to disqualify candidates who perform actions which potentially give them an unfair advantage over other candidates in the election. Further information about the elections is available in the main rule book.

These rules are a supplement to the regular Hattrick rules. Unless these rules say something different, the regular rules apply (eg. how the matches work.)

A manager cannot be a coach of two National Teams or two U21 teams at the same time. The reason for this is to prevent a coach from having a match between two teams they control, which creates an competitive advantage. This also means that the HFA will not allow managers to run for election in more than one country at a time - this includes running in one country, quitting there, and then running in another country. Such activity can disqualify a manager from participating in the elections.

Additional rules and important information are published in the national coaches forum, which is only accessible to the national coaches. Full rules are available after joining the forum.

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