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4-6-2023 Paypal Temporarily Unvailable

Paypal has temporarily been disabled as a payment option. We are hopefully able to re-enable it within a couple of days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

3-5-2023 Apache League Teams Can't Be Accessed

Tomorrow morning we will be looking into the issue of not being able to access Apache league teams. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

2-28-2023 Release Notes - February 28, 2023

The following improvement has been released:

• HT developers released a new system that keeps track of NT-related offenses similar to what is already in use on the forum side of things. We will clear everyone's ban slate (except for a handful of managers who took things a step too far in the past), so everyone starts afresh.

As always, we implemented other minor bug fixes and improvements to enhance your HT experience.

2-28-2023 Server Move Update & Downtime

The server move is going well so far. All hardware has reached its destination, and today we are installing the equipment.

We would like to point out that in our initial communication we mentioned that the final downtime would be today, Tuesday morning. It will in fact be tomorrow morning, as is shown in the current downtime information on the site.

We hope to have everything back to full working order (including the match archives) by Wednesday evening.

2-28-2023 New Leagues & Campaign

Many users are taking advantage of the current Platinum campaign to try out starting a secondary team in one of the three new leagues in Nepal, Burkina Faso, and Grenada. Here are a few things that you may want to know regarding this:

* The new leagues had a problem at the start because new teams did not get any players. This was resolved before the weekend.

* We ran out of slots for new teams in Burkina Faso and Grenada. Yesterday, these two leagues got a new division which means there is plenty of room again for anyone that wants to join. However: With the added divisions, late arrivals are likely start one division lower than earlier teams. If you choose Nepal, everyone will start in the same level. Your choice.

* We extended the Platinum campaign to Wednesday midnight (one more day).

* The National Cup for the new leagues will be created on Thursday morning. If you get a team before then, you will get a place in the Cup for the first season.

* The 16-week rule normally restricts users from opening a new additional team if less than 16 weeks have passed since the opening of a previous additional team. This rule has been temporarily suspended until midnight, March 1.

Have fun everyone!

2-21-2023 Rating Bug Solved

We have fixed a bug which affected players' loyalty contribution in match ratings. In general, it caused players with high loyalty (such as homegrown players) to perform worse than expected, while players with less loyalty might have performed better than expected. Matches were affected from Wednesday last week, while fixes have been out since this afternoon. We are sorry for the problem and grateful for the help we have had from users when troubleshooting the issue.

2-20-2023 Qualification Matches for HTAL

The qualification matches for the Hattrick Anniversary League were not created as they should have this weekend. We are working on this, and the correct matches should appear in your match lists soon, hopefully Monday afternoon.

2-17-2023 Double Update

In some leagues, the daily update that includes fans and training intensity ran twice instead of once - running on both Wednesday and Thursday instead of just on Thursday. This was caused by a bug that has been fixed, so we don't expect it to happen again. The extra update will not be reversed but effects will normalize over time. We're sorry for any potential issues caused by this.

2-13-2023 Release Notes - February 13, 2023

The following fix has been released:

• We fixed an issue where externally hired coaches were wrongly shown with the mother club icon.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on the Hattrick site.

12-22-2022 Emerald Cup Redraw: Resend Match Orders

The draw for next week’s Emerald challenger cups was incorrect in all leagues. We have redrawn these Cups today. This means all teams now have the correct opponents.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Redrawing means we had to discard all existing match orders for these cups. If you already sent match orders for next week’s Emerald cup match, you need to submit new orders. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

12-16-2022 Ruby Cup Problems

An issue with the next round of Ruby Cup matches necessitated deletion and re-creation of those matches.

Managers who already submitted orders for their Ruby Cup match will need to resubmit their match orders. Each affected manager should have received an HT-mail informing them of this mishap.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

12-10-2022 Slow Site This Weekend

The hardware replacement we installed this week is the reason the site is slower than normal. The new hardware is identical to our old one, so the problem is not that it is under-specced, but rather there is something in the configuration that is not optimized. We will keep working on this, but expect the site to stay slow for the rest of the weekend as a result of the downtime last week. We are truly sorry about this and appreciate your patience and understanding.

11-23-2022 The Revolution Is Over

All good things must come to an end, but also some bad ones, too.

The bad thing that we decided to end today was the existence of the "Join my revolution!" achievement, as it has caused two types of spamming - both in terms of team signups, which led to extra work for GMs, but also in-game spamming between users.

If you've already gained this achievement, you will be able to see it as a disabled achievement. However, it will no longer count in your points total and no new ones will be handed out.

11-17-2022 More Resolved Cup Draws

More cup draws didn't work as expected and new cup draws are being made for the following leagues:

*Coupe de France (France)
*KNVB Beker (Nederlands)
*Puchar Polski (Poland)
*Switzerland Cup (Switzerland)
*Cope de España (Spain)

We expect this to be done in approximately half an hour. We thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

11-16-2022 Cup Draws Resolved

Yesterday, the Round 2 cup draws for Italy and Germany did not work as intended. The bug causing this has been fixed and new cup draws were made for the leagues involved.

11-15-2022 Cup Draws for Round 2

We have reports that the wrong teams seem to be getting the home field advantage in the 2nd round of the national cups. We are investigating this and will, if needed, redraw the matches for next week.

11-14-2022 Hattrick Downtime

This morning Hattrick was not available to many of our users for approximately one hour. Transfers were stopped as soon as possible and were then extended when the site came back up. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

11-3-2022 Transfer Limit Working Again

The Hattrick Anniversary league transfer limit is now working again as it should. A total of 118 transfers that had been listed in "violation" of the transfer limit have been removed. Three of these had received a bid. Some teams that have had a transfer listings removed may still be allowed to list some of their players, so it is worth checking to see if you are still under your limit.

11-2-2022 Anniversary League Transfer Limit Bug

Today, a bug affecting the transfer listing limits in the Hattrick Anniversary league made itself known, allowing teams that should no longer be able to list players to list players anyway. We identified and closed this loophole this afternoon, but for the time being all players listed by HTAL teams today remain on the transfer list. Tomorrow (Thursday) we will take a closer look at this situation and de-list any players that are being sold when listing should not have been possible. In practical terms, this means all players listed that belong to teams that were always within their transfer limit will STAY on the transfer list. All players listed by teams that have exceeded their limits will be removed from the transfer list. The teams can then choose to re-list those players again (if they have the right to sell) given the communicated transfer limits.

We are sorry for the "scare," but this way no players will be sold against the rule, and teams that may have listed too many players by mistake today will have a chance to sell them with a small delay.

10-26-2022 Maintenance on Youth and Match Archive

On Monday morning, October 31, we are doing maintenance on the databases for youth teams and archived data (like old match results).

When the archive is offline you'll not be able to transfer list or see match histories for players and you will not get correct data from old matches and stats.

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