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7-22-2022 Double Promotion Bonus, Trophies and Fan Contribution (HTAL)

Because of a bug, some HTAL (Anniversary League) teams received the promotion bonus twice, as well as double trophies and fan contributions. This will be corrected on Monday, so be advised to be careful spending this unexpected money.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

7-19-2022 HTAL - Upcoming Season Info

All teams will play in the same cup. There will be no divisional cup for Division VII.

Only the first season for any new league has cup matches at neutral stadiums. This is because teams don't have any rankings yet. The upcoming season's cup matches will have home and away teams.

The deadline is what counts for transfer limits, so if you put a player on the transfer list at the end of the season with a deadline that extends into the next season, that counts toward the limit of the upcoming season.

In the upcoming season, the top 2 teams in Division VI will promote directly. For Division VII, the "usual" promotion rules apply.

The "usual" rules means that only the first position will have the chance to promote, with the top half of series winners promoting directly to replace positions 7-8 in Division VI, while the lower half of series winners will play qualifiers against teams that finish in positions 5 and 6 in Division VI.

7-12-2022 Release Notes - July 12, 2022

The following fix was released:

• We fixed an issue where saving training plans did not work because the spinner kept spinning forever.

As always, we implemented other minor bug fixes and improvements to enhance your HT experience.

7-11-2022 Promotion in HTAL

For this first season of the Hattrick Anniversary League, all teams placed that first and second in the lowest division will directly promote and receive the corresponding bonus. For this reason, we deleted the qualification matches that were erroneously created for next weekend. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.

6-7-2022 Application Error for Youth Players

Currently clicking on any youth player will result in an application error. We will try to solve the issue as soon as possible, the latest being tomorrow morning when we have all hands on deck. There is no need to inform your Game Masters (GMs) about this. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

As a work around, for now you can use the HT app (or (https://m.hattrick.org)) and fire or promote players from there.

Update: The issue has been resolved.

5-23-2022 Youth and Archive Downtime

The server we use for youth teams and archived data (like old match results) is currently down. The hardware used for this database is not working as it should, and we are moving everything to a backup machine. This takes time - it can take up to 24 hours - but we hope it can be done sooner. We are sorry for any issues this may cause for you as a manager.

UPDATE 1500 CET: The recovery went faster than we hoped. Youth and archive pages should now be working again.

5-13-2022 Board Reserves Calculations Based on Training Week

Following user feedback, we have changed which days are considered when calculating how much the Board will retain after a player sale (something which only happens to so called "Gold Bar" players).

It used to be based on the calendar week (Monday morning 06.00 a.m. being the cutoff), but we will now instead use the Training Week (with the training session on Thursday or Friday, depending on your league, being the start and end of the week). We agree with managers that this makes much more sense, since the considerations of how many minutes a player should play are directly aligned with training planning, and to have the two mechanisms follow different schedules is confusing. This change has now been implemented.

5-2-2022 New Draw for HTAL Division Battles

Due to an error in the upcoming round of the Division Battles in the Hattrick Anniversary League, it was necessary to delete the matches for this Saturday and create new ones. We are sorry for this, but there was no way to solve the problem without recreating the draw. Any lineups already set will need to be submitted again. No other leagues are affected.

4-9-2022 Multiple League Updates

Anniversary league series look a bit odd right now because the tables have been updated multiple times. It looks like a purely presentational thing and should not cause alarm. We are cleaning it up now.

3-26-2022 Saturday Delay

Hattrick had a short downtime on Saturday afternoon, which caused matches to be delayed. We also stopped the transfer market and postponed some transfer deadlines. We are sorry for these inconveniences and hope the rest of the day will be event free.

3-11-2022 Release Notes - March 11, 2022

The following improvement has been released:

• Supporters can hotlist a prospect player with one click directly on the transfer page.

As always, we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your HT experience.

2-28-2022 Match Replay Issues

This weekend we had issues with the 20 match replays that are automatically shown to all Diamond Supporters, wherein some of the replays were wrong.

We have fixed some of them and others had to be removed, but Diamond Supporters can still get them for free on the match page.

Purchased replays shouldn't have been affected.

Just to be clear, the issues happened only in the replay functionality, the match results weren't affected at all.

12-8-2021 Improved Sponsor Offers

Yesterday, we found that the fixed parts of the new sponsor contracts were not calculated in the intended way, and for this reason the formula was updated to increase it by around 5 % for all teams and contract types. This is now live on the site and has been applied to all sponsor deals, whether they have been accepted already or not.

11-30-2021 Lucky, Yet Unhappy?

We have added a setting that allows managers to exclude themselves from being handed a free promotion through the “Lucky Loser” mechanism. If you feel you are enjoying your current series too much or that you are not prepared to promote, activating this block ensures that you will never promote unless you have actually won your series. You will not be given one of the free slots that are sometimes given to runners-up if there is free space in the division above.

11-21-2021 Duplicate player bug fixed

During Saturday matches the Greek league was affected by a bug that caused some players that had played matches to be duplicated in the team player list. The players were never "really" duplicated, but some records them were, and this caused problems on the site for teams owning those players. The bug was fixed during the evening and the duplicate records are now erased.

11-2-2021 Facebook Login not Working

If you use your Facebook credentials to log in (or if you know of friends trying to sign up using the same), please be aware this is not working at the moment. If you don't already have a "regular" sign-in (Username/Password) you can set this up by using the "Forgot Password" function on the site.

We are working on restoring the functionality, but since it depends on Facebook as well we cannot give an estimate of when this may happen.

10-25-2021 Release Notes - October 25, 2021

The following improvements have been released:

• In order to increase transparency on HT forums, you can now see if a post has been deleted by its author or by one of our Hattrick officials.

As always, we released other minor bug fixes and enhancements to improve your Hattrick experience.

9-15-2021 Release Notes - September 14, 2021

The following fix has been released:

• Several issues with training report graphs, where many of the graphs were incorrect and didn't show the right values. This should no longer be the case.

As always, we addressed other minor bug fixes and elements to improve your Hattrick experience.

9-10-2021 Old Inconsistency Removed from Total Player Experience

We removed an old inconsistency in the code that unnecessarily capped the total player experience a team can achieve at 18.5, or "high magical." This was reported to us as a bug in the past, and also assumed by users to be only a presentational bug, but the numbers shown were always correct and the full player experience was not used to calculate player events. Now this limit has been removed, which means higher team experience can be achieved and will be used in match simulations.

8-26-2021 Changes to NT Achievements

In the new achievement system we replaced the old achievement for being elected NT coach with a new one. The new achievement required coaches not only to be elected in order to gain the achievement, but also to be reelected. This was to discourage achievement hunters from becoming NT coaches for the wrong reasons and instead force them to do good work for the community to increase their chances of getting elected again. After receiving a lot of feedback from the community, we realized that the better solution is to drop this kind of achievement altogether. The new achievement, "The Nation Stands Behind You," (which no one has been awarded yet) will disappear.

The achievement given for NT success, "National Treasure Hunter," will also change. This achievement will continue to exist, but it will have a value of 0 points in the achievement score. Put another way, we are removing NT achievements from the achievement "competition" system, to ensure healthy motivations for everyone involved in the NTs.

Of course managers that have done well for NTs in the past will still want to show this off, so we re-created the "National Treasure Hunter" achievement for previous seasons, which means this achievement is available to all managers that reached at least the semifinals in the past.

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