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4-3-2019 Negative Income

Several reports have been received from users that their dashboards show a negative income from their match. This is a presentational error and will be corrected tomorrow morning. There is no need to report the issue to the GMs.

3-7-2019 Release Notes - March 7, 2019

The following bug has been resolved:

• A bug where new HT-mails were moved directly to "Read" before first being displayed as "New Message."

As always, minor bug fixes and improvements were addressed in order to improve your HT experience.

3-5-2019 Bug in Team Spirit Updates for National Teams

A few weeks ago, we started investigating a bug regarding the team spirit (TS) updates of the National Teams. Users had realized that the TS drops in these updates were faster than usual. The bug occurred on Sundays where the code would either be triggered twice (leading to two team spirit updates, one after the other) or to no update at all. The team spirit update is applied to all teams at once, so there was never any case that some national teams had a missed daily update while others had a double drop. The bug has been fixed and for the last two weeks there have been no recurrences.

2-27-2019 Release Notes - February 27, 2019

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• The ability to find a specific mentor by their user name has been added,
• Links to the match type icons which you can find on the matches page and in the matches archive have been added.

As always, minor bug fixes and improvements designed to to improve your experience on our site were also released.

2-22-2019 Stamina Training Failure

We are currently investigating why this week's stamina training did not occur.

Update: The problem is identified. Stamina training did occur, but any skill updates that resulted were not displayed. The bug has been fixed, so everything will be back to normal next week. Inserting the training events for this week will be done on Monday.

If you wish to see if your player had a skill update, then you can check against the player's performance history. If the player played a match during this training week, their stamina value will be stored there so you can compare.


The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• Man marking orders will no longer be saved in default lineups (and we have also deleted all man marking orders that were saved in a default lineup before now). This does not affect regular lineups or saved (named) lineups.
• Youth avatars have changed so that they are no longer grey (except the background) but instead use the same colored avatars as the senior team. This is to make it possible to add the match kits everywhere for youth as well.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to enhance your experience on our site.

2-6-2019 Release Notes February 6th 2019

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• An issue where the player's avatar mood on the transfer search results page wasn't the same as elsewhere has been fixed.
• We now show the fan club changes in absolute numbers besides the percentage of changes.
• Fixed a bug in matches when a Resilient player got injured, but because of his specialty he just got bruised instead.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

12-13-2018 Cups Issues Fixed

The following Sapphire Cups were affected by a bug yesterday:

Romania, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Kenya, Macedonia, Benin, Tanzania, and Comoros.

Teams that were supposed to have moved on to the next round in the Sapphire Cup were missing. The original bug was fixed and the round recreated with the correct teams. We will contact the managers who will participate in the next round to inform them about missing match orders.

We are sorry for this issue and hope you all have an enjoyable competition despite this problematic week!

11-21-2018 Release Notes - November 21, 2018

The following fixes have been released:

• We fixed an issue where you couldn't complete a Manager License task when using QuickBid.
• For Youth we fixed the scout comments when you come back to the overview page.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your Hattrick experience.

11-14-2018 New League Signup Issues Fixed

We have now fixed the issues experienced by some users when signing up to the new leagues announced yesterday. This primarily involved Platinum or Supporter users who had taken advantage of the campaign offer. Here is what was fixed this morning:

* The 16 week limit to when you can start a new additional team has now been removed. This was what caused existing additional club owners to have trouble closing one team and opening another. The limit may come back later, but will remain lifted during this campaign.
* A fourth league level has been added in all new leagues, and the new signups have been moved to this division.
* The Youth Academies for these new leagues should also be working now.

Thank you for your patience and have fun everyone!

11-6-2018 Generation Trophy Match Dates

The matches in the generation trophy this morning were scheduled to be played up to 4 hours later than intended. The cause has now been fixed and we'll be back to the correct schedule again in round 4 and onward.

11-6-2018 New Design, Foxtrick and Opting Out

As seen on My Hattrick, today we released a new design for player skills, the player ratings and the transfer search results page. These are changes that we believe will make Hattrick better and that will allow us to speed up development in the future as well, as we now have a similar way of displaying important info all across the site and our apps.

If you don’t like them, you have the option to stay with the old ratings and skill view. Go to your Settings page and choose “Classic” under Legacy settings, and things will stay as they were.

Also, we would like to mention that if you use the browser extension Foxtrick and have problems with the new design, this would be a good time to download a new beta version of Foxtrick. This new version handles the updated design quite well, even if some minor issue remains unsolved. The “Classic” design still works perfectly with Foxtrick.

10-29-2018 ISP Maintenance November 1st

Hattrick's ISP will perform planned maintenance to their equipment November 1 between 02:00 and 06:00 (CET). Some downtime may occur. Any transfers occurring during the downtime will be extended.

10-28-2018 Transfers Extended

During the night, there was an issue with the load balancing functionality on the web site, which caused logins to the site to not work (mobile apps were unaffected). To not cause unfair transfer dealings, transfers were stopped. Once the problem was solved, deadlines were extended by 10 hours. Everything is now working as it should.

9-3-2018 Release Notes - September 3, 2018

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• The design of the field in Live View has been improved.
• Players' behaviors show when viewing player ratings in Live View and the Team Analyzer.

As always, other minor bugfixes and improvements were made to improve your Hattrick experience!

6-22-2018 Improved Replay Features

What's new:

• The average home and away goals statistic doesn't include penalty shootouts anymore.

• If a match is played with cup rules, then there is another bar which shows the W/D/L ratio for 120' results.

• There is now has a more detailed breakdown with extra stats.

5-21-2018 Release Notes - May 21, 2018

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• The transfer page has been revamped. Among other things, you will now see the specialty of the player.
• Avatars can be redone after only one season, instead of the previous duration of five seasons.
• The Hall of Fame now includes the caps from players for their National Teams and the number of matches played for the Hattrick Masters.
• If managers are interested in what HTs share with the community, they can now follow HTs without sacrificing bookmarks. Managers can set this in forum preferences. This feature is available to both Supporter and non-Supporters.

As always, other minor bug fixes and improvements were released to improve your experience on our site.

The post has been edited recently so the translated version may not be complete. Therefore the original version is also shown:

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• We have renewed the transfer compare page. Amongst others we now show the speciality of the player.
• Instead of after 5 seasons, you should be able to give your players' avatar a makeover after only one season.
• The Hall of Fame now also includes the caps from players for their National Teams and the number of matches played for the Hattrick Masters.
• Users are now able to follow the HTs without giving up a or multiple bookmarks for them. You can set this in your forum preferences if you are interested in what we share with our community. This feature is available to both Supporter and non-Supporters.

As always we also release other minor bugfixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

5-7-2018 This Morning's Scheduled Downtime

When we were about to bring Hattrick back online this morning after the scheduled maintenance we experienced a problem with one of our supporting systems and we had to extend the downtime for another 35 minutes.

Transfers between 5:00h and 7:30h (CET) was extended by 5 hours.

4-27-2018 Downtime and Extended Transfers

This morning, HT experienced an error on some pages. The site had to be shut down for a little under an hour to refresh database indexes. HT is back up and transfers have been extended by 2 hours. Thank you for being patient while we sorted this issue.

4-14-2018 Slow Website Response and Application Errors

Hattrick experienced performance issues and application errors over the last few hours. We are aware of the situation and will provide more information when details become available. Thank you for your patience.

Update: The problem has been identified and performance should be back to normal. Thank you all for the reports and for your patience.

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