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USA U20 Expansion!

The USA U20 manager summarizes the current state of our country's U20, includes links to lots of information and forums, and makes a crucial request.


(If any of the lingo in here doesn't make sense, I'll explain it all toward the end so check that out)

For those who don't know, the USA U20 team had an election in September. I ran on a Golden Generation platform and barely won by two votes. Taking that as an obvious mandate to complete my campaign promise, I fired the 20 year olds and we identified the best 17 and 18 year olds to prepare for qualifications in 2017. We've debated GG theory, strategy, and manager transparency and prepared a plan on how much experience to give each player. We've run some little contests and had some fun chatting with other u20 managers in our group. We've even scored two goals in qualifiers so who said there aren't moral victories. Our participation trophies and most improved medals will shine just as brightly as the gold medal will for whoever wins the world cup we "skipped."

I wanted to say thanks to all the trainers who've committed to training plans for the great talent we've identified for the qualification and finals rounds. Many of you made sacrifices financially or in terms of your training plans and I appreciate each person who still said yes.

That all being said, the real reason I'm writing this article is about the future. Many were not happy we did a Golden Generation, and for good reason. We let down the trainers who'd committed to training the WCXXV generations. Also, the games haven't been that interesting. And some questioned whether they should invest in training our players if the USA would do something like this. (See post script below) Well, you never know how things will end up, as the ME can be fickle and there's no way to sugar coat the low seeding we'll get because we're playing 18 year olds in the qualifiers right now.

But I hope the USA will have a pretty good seed after WCXXVI since I hope we'll make it far (knock on wooden goalposts). That being said, I'd like to ensure a fun and prosperous future by making sure to recruit new trainers to train the next generation of studs! .

I believe we're in desperate need for new trainers since so many are tied up fully committed to this Golden Generation while others are tied up training some great NT talent. So if you've always wondered about being a trainer, even with just one spot, now is the perfect time! Instead of rewriting the book on this topic, I'm going to include links to some articles, posts, threads, etc to help get you started. Please send me any questions you may have and remember that buying season for world cup 27 qualifier players starts at the end of this season! (Gosh, I even need a few more managers to train the last few holes on our GG finals team so let me know if you're ready now)

Here you go:

The article I wrote about u20 lingo, information on the flags in (, and basic concepts on identifying u20 studs and how to train them in the youth academy: (19445)

More information about how to train players maximally in the youth academy: (16283895.21)

The current u20 doctrine on how to train your players from 17.000 to 20.111 for u20: (16939735.1)

Join in the conversation here in the public forum: (17025582.1) (don't forget public forum rules)

Make sure to sign up at ( so our u17 scouts can help you identify your youth studs and don't forget to sign up at ( so u20 and NT scouts can discover your players.

If you are committed to getting involved as a trainer after all that, then ask to join this federation ((55289)) so you'll be able to see where we list the best players to buy. Supporter not in your future? Then just message me and we'll do our best to send you the leads.

Lastly, consider running for u20 coach in 2017. We're preparing quite a team for someone to win the right to coach and as I promised I won't be running since I'd like to see our country's best managers vie to helm this team. Your name may just be added here (16907957.144) and your face may be added to the mountain here (3048)...

PS: please remember that I don't expect USA to do a GG again. Many said they only voted for it as a one time experiment to learn from since it's never happened here before. I for one only suggested it because we had a great generation after a weak one, which doesn't normally happen. So train your USA studs with confidence!

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