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3-18-2024 About Sunday downtime

Hattrick went offline Sunday afternoon around 15.30 CET and stayed down all evening. The reason was a failed disk in our database server, which was not critical in itself, but it had follow-on software effects, which led to a spontaneous reboot of the operating system. When the system came back online, we had to perform various maintenance and repair tasks to ensure that all data was intact and secure before bringing the site back up.

When the site came back online, we extended all the transfers whose deadlines were during the downtime and immediately afterwards by 24 hours and then restarted the game engine. This made it possible for the game engine to catch up overnight, making sure most matches and scheduled updates were on schedule by Monday morning.

In the end, no game data or otherwise important data was lost. What was lost was time, and the chance for many users to submit or update their match orders during Sunday afternoon and evening. We considered delaying the restarting of the game to give users a second window to submit lineups, but as often is the case in situations like this, we would then risk new problems, and we decided it was safer and better not to do this.

Please let this serve as a reminder of the importance of submitting match orders early, and having a standard lineup as a backup. You can always revise a placed lineup close to kick-off if need be, but not having any decent lineup in place is always risky.

Today, we applied a small fix, which means that users who are aiming to achieve the goal of watching all league matches live this season will not be penalized for this downtime. Matches will be counted as having been seen.

3-5-2024 Release notes, March 5

• We have changed the start page so if you visit Hattrick for the first time or with a new device or browser, the login box will no longer be visible right away. Instead, only the sign-up button will be in focus and existing users should click the link "Do you already have an account?" to get to the login dialogue.

If you, like most of our visitors, come to Hattrick from a known browser (with the appropriate cookie), everything will look just like before. This is a small change that most of you will not notice, but it will make the landing page clearer and more functional for newcomers to the game.

• A fix has been made so that the “preview bracket” for the Cup, which shows your potential next opponent, can now be shown also while the current Cup round has recently finished.

• We have also added back the link to the old series tables for youth leagues, which had been misplaced.

3-3-2024 Проблемы с контратаками

Нам известно о проблеме с нашим движком, из-за которой в некоторых матчах было создано неожиданно большое количество контратак. Наша команда проводит расследование, и мы будем держать Вас в курсе, как только у нас появятся новости.

2-17-2024 Release notes 15th February

The following fixes and improvements have been released:
• Added latest season to old series page on youth leagues between seasons
• Fixed a presentational issue with match orders page and youth players skills in Firefox
• Removed the timeline events from the match report on youth matches because the data shown was not correct
• Fixed translation issues with the Player Position in the new league events.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

1-28-2024 Chat Portal issues

We're experiencing some issues with the Chat Portal that slow it down considerably. We apologise for the inconvenience.

1-23-2024 League expansions

We have today announced Guyana and Tahiti as new Hattrick leagues next season.

We also want to announce that six leagues will be expanded with a fourth division: Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Moçambique, Trinidad & Tobago, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic.

This will make room both for more local users and for new additional teams, in case you have been waiting for your chance to join.

1-16-2024 Single matches renamed Duels

You may notice that we have started replacing the term "Single matches" on the site, instead replacing it with "Duels". In many languages this is already what single matches are called, now we make the change also in English and some other languages. This change is in preparation of a bigger revamp of all match types that take place outside the core game (Tournaments, Ladders, Battles etc) and which will be announced next week.

Duels will work exactly the same was as Single matches, this is just a name change.

1-11-2024 Facebook login issues

There appear to be some issues with logging in through Facebook. We are working hard together with Facebook to try to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

If you are unable or not willing to wait for this, then you can try to reset your password by clicking on the 'Lost your password?' link and submit either your login name or registered email address with which you then can reset your password. We will then send you an email to your registered email address with your login name and the possibility to set a new password.

If this doesn't work, you can contact the 'Privacy & GDPR' who can try to help you get back into your account. A link to the contact form, you can find at the bottom of our website.

1-10-2024 Issue with matches resolved

There was an issue that caused some matches to be delayed. The issue is fixed now and matches are being simulated.

12-19-2023 Shop issue resolved.

This morning we solved the problem of last night where it was not possible to purchase the Silver, Gold and Diamond packages that were on offer. If you were one of the affected users, you can now run to the store and take advantage of the offer now.

We've also solved the issue affecting the orders with Gold and Diamond with the 12+3 option purchased between 10:10 this morning and 12:03. The affected orders will be handled in the next hours, so you can expect the extra 3 months of Supporter (+ the gift to another user) pretty soon on your account. There is no need to contact the Shop individually.

12-18-2023 Shop issue with campaign offer

We are aware of a problem with processing the payment request after selecting the payment method. If this problem affects you, don't worry, we will try to fix this as soon as possible.

There is no longer the need to send us a message about this if you are affected. We will publish a new message here when the issue has been fixed. You can go to bed without a problem now, as the offer will still be here tomorrow!

We apologize for the inconvenience if you have been affected by this unfortunate mishap.

12-7-2023 Chat notification issues

We're having some issues that may cause you to get a chat notification for the Hattrick Masters final. We are working on it.

11-21-2023 Release notes 21st November

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• As of now you will get a message from your secretary when a scheduled transfer is coming up (24h before) and once again when the player is being transferlisted.
• The badge shown to you when you are able to call your youth scouts will be hidden as soon as you visit that page, and is not shown again until after the next financial update.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

11-10-2023 Обновления в юношеской академии

Мы предоставляем возможность однократно, до 17 ноября, 23:59 по времени Hattrick, покинуть любую молодежную лигу, в которой Вы состоите, и присоединиться к новой. Правило 7-дневного перерыва с Вашего последнего матче, по-прежнему будет действовать, когда Вы присоединитесь к новой лиге. Кроме того, мы добавили возможность использовать игроков Зала славы в качестве скаутов академии. Мы надеемся, что Вам понравятся эти обновления!

11-7-2023 Improved Manager News box

We introduce a recent improvement to your My Office page, enhancing the Manager News sidebar box. Messages will no longer disappear with a single click, offering you more control over your inbox. Unread messages are now clearly highlighted in bold, ensuring you don’t miss any important updates. Plus, we’ve organized bid messages to prevent your inbox from getting cluttered during bidding wars. You can also quickly identify the source of each message as the team name is now prominently displayed. Enjoy your enhanced inbox management!

10-16-2023 Напоминание к началу сезона

Добро пожаловать в новый сезон Hattrick! Пока менеджеры готовятся к первому раунду лиги, мы хотим ненавязчиво напомнить, что вступили в силу два ранее объявленных изменения.

Прежде всего, в игре теперь активизированы специализации для вратарей. Об этих изменениях было объявлено в редакционной статье, опубликованной 27 октября прошлого года.

Кроме того, с этого сезона изменяется порядок оплаты труда тренеров - новым тренерам будет выплачиваться полная штатная зарплата. На существующих тренерах это никак не скажется, им будет выплачено столько же, сколько Вы им уже платите.

Подробнее читайте в нашем анонсе MyHT от 27 июня этого года.

Мы желаем Вам отличного начала сезона!

Команда HT-team

9-11-2023 Update with match lineups bug

We would like to inform you that the recent bug affecting match lineups in certain leagues has been successfully resolved. Our development team has re-simulated the affected matches using the original data, and all updates have been reinstated. All player and team statuses are back to normal.

We appreciate your patience and support during this process and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

UPDATE: The final details with series tables, top scorers, finances and achievements are also solved now.

9-9-2023 Issues with match lineups in some leagues

Because of a problem in the match engine this Saturday morning, the lineups and ratings for home teams in league matches were wrong. The affected leagues are:

Chinese Taipei
Mongol Uls
Hong Kong

It's complicated for us to try to resimulate those matches during the weekend while matches for all leagues are being played, so for now we have paused updates for these leagues and will do our best to roll back the matches and related updates, and resimulate them on Monday.

The match data has been saved, so even if the resimulation takes place on Monday, it will be with the player status and all values from today.

8-31-2023 Техническая проблема с push-уведомлениями в нашем приложении для Android

ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ: Мы исправили проблему с push-уведомлением приложения для Android. Чтобы продолжать получать обновления, пожалуйста, обновитесь до последней версии, как только она станет доступна в Google Play Store. Обычно это занимает несколько часов.

В настоящее время мы испытываем технические трудности с push-уведомлениями в нашем приложении для Android. Наша команда разработчиков активно работает над решением этой проблемы и восстановлением нормальной функциональности как можно скорее.

Мы приносим извинения за любые неудобства, которые это может причинить, и ценим Ваше терпение и понимание в течение всего этого времени.

7-13-2023 Release notes 13th July

The following improvement has been released:

• You will now have the ability to retire your current player-coach into the Hall of Fame. This can be done from the player page in the same way that you would fire or promote any player but with the difference that in this case he will remain being your coach. This has also been specified in the message before you confirm.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

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