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House Rules

Name and logo policy

Although our favorite logos are those with a real connection to your team, we are rather open-minded about the content of logos and club names in Hattrick. However, to make sure you don't abuse this freedom to offend or discriminate (deliberately or not) and in consideration of various females, parents, and people from countries or religions with stricter values, there are some rules about logos and names. Hattrick should be fun to play and safe for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, origin, race, or religion.

  • No offensive, insulting, derogatory, or discriminating names/logos, including but not limited to racist, fascist, and terror organization symbols.
  • No sexually explicit content, including nudity, semi-nudity, or sexually provocative poses. People in club logos should be decently dressed.
  • No promotion of criminal activities or use of illegal goods or substances.
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