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Youth players

Closing the academy

If you want to deactivate your youth academy you can do that in between youth seasons or if your youth team is not a member of any youth league. You must keep your youth team for at least six weeks though. You can also restart your youth academy, even during an academy season, by using the "Restart youth team" feature on your Youth team overview page. However, this action is irreversible and all your youth players and scouts will be fired, your closed academy will remain in its league and you will have to find a new league for the new academy. This option may be used only once in 3 seasons (48 weeks).

Please note that the 'restart youth team' box is only shown if the academy has been inactive (no scout calls) for at least the most recent 3 weeks or if you haven't called your scouts this week and have less than 9 eligible (under 19) players in your academy.

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