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Youth players

The costs

When you start a youth academy you pay a one-time registration fee of 5 000 US$ which is added to your temporary costs. Running a youth academy with one scout costs 10 000 US$ per week and each additional scout costs 5 000 US$ per week. You will also pay an additional 5 000 US$ as a signing bonus when you hire a new scout. The weekly costs for the Academy will be listed as "Youth expenses" in your weekly financial report. The academy does not have any other staff, they rely on their parents taking care of transport, bruises, injuries, etc - which they do without any additional cost. At the same time, youth academies have no income either, the only spectators are usually just the parents and friends of the youth players.

Promoting an academy player to your senior squad costs 2 000 US$.

Apart from that the only additional cost you will get is if you tell your scout to search for players in another region, then you might have to pay for his plane ticket.

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