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Hattrick History

Season 81 (4 April 2022)

A new set of Missions is being released, targeted at teams without progress for many seasons. You can now join an additional Local Circle. Hovering above a player link in the forum now lets you check the name, age, owner etc. without having to leave the page you are on. We have also added an extended highlights mode for the match report page.

The training planner gets an upgrade, where you now, amongst others, create multiple training plans. We now unveil family links in Hattrick and show for every new player if they are related to other possibly famous Hattrick characters.

Players now can get trophies too if they played a part in their team becoming champions. Better sponsor rewards have been negotiated in order to offer a better risk/reward balance.

Season 80 (13 December 2021)

Match commentators now come better prepared to matches, sharing more information about players, teams and previous performances. You can never have enough achievements, so we added some more of them.

A new database server is being taken into use, meaning more storage, more power to calculate etc. giving us more options to do what we would like to do in the future. With ’Preferred Series’, you can choose your preferred path through the Hattrick League system, whether it is up, down or even if you stay in the same league level.

We’ve upgraded our match order page with new features and made it faster as well with better loading times and responsiveness. With a better arena integration, among others the arena of the host team is being used as a background for matches, as well as that you can now also select the cutting pattern for your pitch.

The player pages get an upgrade, making it easier to have key info about them at hand. More info is being shown as well, such as injuries, red cards and goals.

Season 79 (23 August 2021)

This season we kick off with a limited edition league, ’Apache league’, where participating teams over the course of six seasons try to reach the top. Several app improvements are being released, such as a forum search, player goals and caps and much much more.

National Team federations are now open for all, including users who are non-Supporters. You can now have a separate shirt design for your goalkeepers. We also added more achievements for you to go after.

The match tactics Pressing, Attack on wings, and Attack in the Middle see some changes in order to balance these three tactics against all other available tactics in Hattrick. From now on you can accept missions which can be triggered at certain points in your Hattrick career and give you additional goals to achieve.

The new Arena designer also makes its appearance in our app together with a few small improvements. In order to avoid circumventing the spending limits of the Board Reserves, the Board may decide to keep cash in the reserves for certain sold ’Gold Bar’ players who did not play frequently for your club.

Before the start of each new season, you may now pick a sponsor out of five offers that present you interesting choices depending on how much risk you are willing to take.

Season 78 (3 May 2021)

With Local Circles, you now can chat and play Single matches with other managers who are in the same area. Mentees can now, together with their mentors, make use of a chat while getting to know the game.

An improved Arena designer tool returns after not being available for a while because Flash was being retired. We have also added a whole bunch of new stats and related features.

Anyone who loves achievements is being spoiled with many new achievements to sink their teeth into. Apart from several improvements to the new Match Kit Designer, we have also made it available to our app users.

Season 77 (11 January 2021)

We kick off with a new World Cup system which has a more flexible format that allows all 144 countries to compete. We also introduce new continental championships for Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia-Oceania.

We present a new tournament format where a loss doesn’t mean elimination from the tournament right away. An improved Lineup Simulator is making it possible to simulate Weather, Venue, Team Spirit and Team Confidence with a custom lineup of your choice.

Finally the new Kit Designer makes its appearance after we had to say goodbye to Flash some months ago. We added a Chat Portal which should give you a much better overview of chats that you are a member of.

The fixtures page now shows a graph showing relative positions for all teams in the series throughout the season, as well as an interactive cross table where you review the home/away record for any given team against any other team. We also released a new Achievements overview page.

Season 76 (21 September 2020)

Myanmar, Zambia, San Marino, Puerto Rico and Haiti join the Hattrick family this season. Some presentational changes regarding training see the light of day.

Our app gets a major update where many features from the site now are being included in the app as well. You can now create tournaments and invite teams. You can see the skill development, salary and injury history, and memorable events of your players. And then we only mentioned a fraction of what was added.

The World page gets an overhaul. We also added a new chart to the Club History page, which shows the progression (or lack thereof…) of your team in league and cup over the seasons.

Season 75 (1 June 2020)

With Belize, Botswana, Madagascar and Saint Vincent and The Grenadines, we welcome four new leagues in Hattrick. We release several training goodies among which is a Training History page where you can check what you were training at a certain point in time.

A setting has been added for single matches and tournaments which allows those matches to be played either 3 or 6 times faster. Hattrick is being made wider, thus giving us more space to work with. Also new functionality is added on several pages such as a revamped series page and transfer search update.

Season 74 (10 February 2020)

Cup status, injured or suspended players, match commentators are giving you better context to the match events. With the training planner you can create training plans with which you amongst others can predict skills and salaries given a certain training regime.

An upgraded calendar in My Office gives a much better overview of what is important right now - as well as in the weeks aheads. We made several tweaks to the “conversation cards” in My Office, where your key staff bring you important news about your team and players.

The Power Rating is a new way to measure your team strength beyond just sector ratings and player stars and calculated from the best 7 out of your last 14 competitive matches. National Teams see some updates, such as the Assistant Coaches now being able to book a friendly match.

You can now create your own league tournament. A redesigned pre-match page is becoming more in line with the Live page. Bot teams become much harder to beat, they have more bite, so to say.

Season 73 (21 October 2019)

Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo are the next two countries being added to the Hattrick family. Through Division Battles you can now compete together with other members of your series to establish yourselves as the strongest series of your division.

The series table gets a new and improved look. With Tryouts you can check how a player will perform in the lineup simulator before deciding to add the player to your team. You can now Quickstart a ladder match or single match if both managers agree.

Match commentators now give you more information as they wouldn’t like you to fall asleep if not much is happening for some time during a match. Anyone who doesn’t love the new dark mode in our app? We certainly do!

We have decluttered the office for you in order to make the important information easier to find. In the National Teams, scouts get a more prominent role and a new public prospect list for each National Team makes it easier to follow all those promising new talents out there.

Season 72 (1 July 2019)

Several features are added to our app, with support for youth friendlies and the possibility to follow NT matches through the app as some of the features that stand out. We should of course also mention the app’s improved match order interface.

The minimum stamina training allowed increases from 5 to 10%. Mentors get some recognition for the work they do helping new users find their way into our game. With ‘Transfer Prospect’ and ‘Extra Autobid’ new Gears products have been added.

The National Teams welcome training pages and Assistant Coaches. The Manual should be accessible from within the app, so we added that. There is now an option to preview your submissions such as HT-mails and forum posts before submitting them. Quite handy if you like to use our HT-ML formatting to make your writing look nicer.

Season 71 (11 March 2019)

The Cup as well as the post match report page gets an overhaul. Apart from Facebook and the regular login, you can now also enter the game with your Google account.

Season 70 (19 November 2018)

New leagues added to Hattrick for the first time in 7 years! The island nations of Comores, Curaçao, Guam, Sri Lanka and São Tomé & Príncipe were welcomed into the Hattrick family. Loads of new features released - for Youth academies, for better Statistics, for more engaging Cups and much more. Most importantly, a big update to the Match Order form made the most important page in Hattrick more intuitive, powerful and faster to use.

Season 69 (30 July 2018)

Hattrick become's fully mobile! A huge new release for our smartphone apps meant that, for the first time, managers could now take care of all their team tasks on the go. Once this was out, a lot of attention was given to the web site as well. Instant matches were introduced, and updates given to Transfer compare, Transfer hotlists, the Team of the Week, as well as other things.

Season 68 (9 April 2018)

The dev team was hard at work with new version of our mobile apps, which meant a quiet season in terms of new functionality.

Season 67 (16 December 2017)

A design competition amongst the users was held to find new ideas for how the future look and feel of the game. The winners were invited to a second stage, leading to great concepts which has inspired the Hattrick team going forward.

Season 66 (28 August 2017)

Big news on the competition front as the Generation Trophies were introduced, an international competition where managers face off against other teams that got started in Hattrick around the same time as themselves. A new training page was launched, giving better planning tools and more detail about what factors impact training.

Season 65 (8 May 2017)

We've made improvements to our chat system which makes it easier to find, catch up with and jump in on chats between match days.

A new match order page is released and not only has a new visual design, but a lot of new functionality such as being allowed to bench 7 substitutes and several functions which will help you to prepare setting up a good lineup.

Season 64 (16 January 2017)

Hattrick International gives you the possibility to compete with managers from all over the world. What’s more, since it is a whole new league, it will be interesting to see who will crown themselves the first champion in some 6 seasons time.

Injuries now have more flavour, as of now they happen to specific parts of the body. Estimates of the injury time are more accurate. Single matches can be analysed and some more improvements are added to the Team Analysis tool.

The votes of our Platinum and Diamond Supporters result in the release of a reminder for when a youth player is ready to be promoted to the senior squad.

Season 63 (26 September 2016)

The Team Analysis tool gets a major update and now lets you even analyse your own team, but also your players if you are a Supporter. Match Replay is now also available to non-Supporters with Credits.

Browser notifications come in handy for those who are doing something else, but still don’t want to miss a thing when something happens in their matches. National league pages get an update, offer some interesting stats and show the reigning champion and Cup winner.

Many improvements are released for managers who have a youth team, such as the training results being available immediately and your scouts will no longer present you with 17 years old talents. You have no youth academy? Then 19 year old players will no longer be offered by your scouting network.

Season 62 (6 June 2016)

By introducing the new Live Viewer the experience of following a match live in Hattrick becomes more suspenseful and thrilling, while we also provide interesting and updated stats during the match. The referee can now also add stoppage time and we have added a chat, so you can talk to your opponent or other managers in your series while watching your games.

With the Team Analysis tool, you can quickly analyse the previous matches of your upcoming opponents.

Season 61 (15 February 2016)

We now show levels above divine. The mentor system is improved to make the experience even better for mentors and mentees.

Season 60 (26 October 2015)

This season the staff system gets an update and from now on your staff will be given contracts. You can recruit a tactical assistant and spokespersons are retired.

At last we let go of HT-Time and now you can choose your time zone and finally being able to follow your matches without having to calculate how much time difference there is with where you live and Central Europe.

Season 59 (6 July 2015)

It will become easier to analyse matches as we then will show the statistics for all chances in the games after they have been played. A lineup simulator is released which is, in other words, a match order interface that is just for playing around and not associated with any match.

On our 18th birthday, we release salary stats for all players and separate stats for the goals a player has scored in his current club. It also becomes possible to create and participate in tournaments of 32 and 64 teams.

We’re proud of the fact that with Indonesian, Hattrick gets another translated language. Our very own chat system is being released as the latest new feature for our mobile apps. Now you can chat with members of your series, with your match opponent or within a federation chat room, open of course to all members of that Federation.

Season 58 (16 March 2015)

Confidence will from now on behave more predictable and extreme drops will be less frequent. The training penalty for walkovers has been removed, so that the players who play in another game the same week will no longer suffer a training penalty. Speaking of penalties, the penalty shootout will now take just a few minutes, not up to 20 minutes as before.

Supporters will be able to turn their Hall of Famers into youth scouts, youth trainers and any kind of staff specialist in their club. As requested by many, our mobile apps now also have a social section, where you can browse, read and of course write on the Hattrick forums as well as handle your HT mail.

Over the years we have seen several initiatives from our users helping new users to learn what Hattrick is about and how it needs to be played. We now also offer support to make it much easier for them to mentor new managers into learning about the do’s and don’ts and hopefully get them hooked like we all are.

An exclusive tournament cup for all our Supporters is going to be played during every off-season. It will be more intensive than our regular Cups, completely international, and offer plenty of fun surprises for all participants along the way.

Season 57 (24 November 2014)

We are very pleased with the release of our new mobile web and our redesigned iPhone and Android apps and really think it will lift the game experience for anyone that likes their Internet to be mobile.

Supporters get the possibility to organise their Network lists. Open Tournaments give managers the chance to join any available tournament without having to wait for an invitation.

Season 56 (4 August 2014)

We completely redesigned our Cup system to let more teams enjoy the experience of a meaningful cup run. Additionally we introduced Divisional Cups for the lower divisions. At the same time we will also award more prize money and at earlier stages of the Cup than before.

With American English, Hattrick releases its 55th language.

Season 55 (14 April 2014)

This season the long awaited new staff system finally sees the dawn of the day, making decisions from users on who to hire more meaningful and interesting.

We see a revamp of the promotion system in the lower divisions with more qualification matches as a consequence and to make more matches matter for a longer period during the season. Also the prize money is being increased.

It becomes possible to play more than one tournament at a time. You are now able to see the injury history of your players in the blink of an eye. With the Manager Network all Hattrick users can keep track of the teams and managers they care about.

With renaming players and custom match events we add a few new Gears products. As if all that wasn't enough we also introduce off season friendlies, so there will be a Hattrick match every weekend, unless you do not schedule a friendly of course.

Diamond is a new Supporter tier where you can use all our Gears products without being charged credits for it. It also exclusively includes a Replay feature which lets you check what would have happened if your match had been simulated ten more times.

Season 54 (23 December 2013)

A new training tool will help our Supporters estimate how much training any of their players need before they reach the next level in a given skill.

Thanks to better support for CHPP applications, our third-party developers are now able to make new, better and more interesting applications which previously were not possible.

For the first time ever part of the Hattrick forums can be read by visitors who do not play Hattrick. We introduce ladders for Federations. It also becomes possible for Supporters to see how your match ratings develop during matches with Live Ratings.

To conclude this season, Financial Fair Play is being announced in order to ensure a more level playing field within the international Hattrick league system.

Season 53 (2 September 2013)

After many years Hattrick finally says goodbye to the Golden Goal rule as requested by our community in the anniversary vote. Thanks to the same vote you can now also view, edit and delete your default lineups.

Youth teams will no longer have a week off during the senior teams' season break.

Season 52 (13 May 2013)

Ladders are an alternative competition with a faster pace for those who want more action, a new challenge or just want to play in a very fun and addictive type of competition. Azerbaijani becomes the 54th language available in Hattrick. An account status page is released as part of our work to make an even friendlier Hattrick.

Due to financial problems Zattika sells Hattrick back to the old owners. To the relief of many, Hattrick moves on, but unfortunately has to say goodbye to some well respected and known colleagues such as HT-Klas and HT-Tjecken.

Season 51 (21 January 2013)

By being able to share your match results with friends on social networks, you can tell them about your heroic win or that unfair loss.

Hattrick Supporter is no longer one product, instead there are three now: Platinum, Gold and Silver. Individual prices for each country give users in most countries the chance to buy Supporter at a lower price than before.

Many people doubted if we could ever come up with a better April Fool's joke after Balls. Introducing referees was definitely seen as a very good attempt. Now you can also earn reward points by inviting your friends to play Hatrick.

Season 50 (1 October 2012)

Rating graphs are adding even more value to the new detailed match ratings. Single matches give you the possibility to challenge any team and play even more matches outside your regular schedule.

Our Supporter package is given a major upgrade with amongst others Transfer prospects, Club themes and a Club logo editor. Also some old Supporter features are being made available to everyone.

Autobidding opens up the possibility for managers to stay in bed during awkward hours in order to get the player they desperately want. Through Offerwalls we now offer the possibility to earn reward points to get Supporter and Credits without having to spend real life money.

Season 49 (11 June 2012)

Our new recruitment centre makes it easier for you to invite your friends to Hattrick. Together with Hattrick Press we organized a Writing Contest where you can write articles about your Hattrick career. A new Manager License replaces the old Manager License Challenge as part of improvements to the new user experience.

As Hattrick saw the light of day 15 years ago, we celebrate with new ratings which will give you much more information about your matches to digest. Also there is the launch of our Anniversary page where we share some cool facts about our first 15 years.

Our smartphone users can now also enjoy Hattrick through our official Android app which has the same functionality as our iPhone app.

Season 48 (20 February 2012)

You can invite more friends to your own series if you play in the two bottom divisions. Through Hattrick Tournaments you get the possibility to play against who you want without risking any injuries or cards that could possibly affect your ordinary games.

A big step in our history is when Hattrick joins Zattika, a games publisher focused on social and mobile gaming.

Your match kits are now being shown in the match order interface and players who have played a match since the last training update are being marked. As if that is not enough, we also release the official Hattrick iPhone app and it becomes possible to login to Hattrick through Facebook.

Season 47 (31 October 2011)

The loyalty of players that have stayed with your team for a long time will now make them perform better. Hattrick Gears, one time pay features such as player makeovers are being introduced. We also make new statistics available on the site in what can be called a slimmer version of Alltid.org. Hattrick Press gets its own blog on Hattrick United and at the same time federations get the possibility to open a blog of their own as well.

We are delighted about having been voted the Most Favourite Simulation Game of 2011!

Season 46 (11 July 2011)

The match order form is improved with a rating predictor and a player's ideal position is highlighted. Newbies can start asking their coach for a lineup suggestion. Letting two players swap positions on the pitch also becomes possible.

All users get access to the basic training report. Supporters get an improved training report, including stamina and form updates, along with graphs on stadium usage and fan club development. There is also the possibility to submit match orders through CHPP apps.

Season 45 (21 March 2011)

A lot of things happened around Hattrick this season. Perhaps the biggest change is the introduction of My office, the new start page for all managers. Apart from that there were three big releases: Hattrick United (our blog portal), Hattrick Widgets (widgets ready to use on almost any site/blog) and Hattrick Open (where you can play Hattrick tournaments against your friends whenever you want).

Hattrick Supporter celebrates its 10th birthday with customisable manager avatars, linked press announcements, new backgrounds and improved transfer hotlist.

Cameroon, Uzbekistan, Cuba and Palestine are new members of the Hattrick family, and the Icelandic language version is released.

Season 44 (29 Nov 2010)

After many years, Hattrick at last gets its long awaited Arabic language version. The Supporter package gets updated with live and home/away tables, like buttons and comments on press announcements, and team photos. Pre-match commentaries are now open for everyone, and it's also possible to book a friendly through Facebook.

In the game the general (form) training type is removed.

Season 43 (August 9 2010)

During this season Hattrick becomes a teenager, a truly amazing milestone. The biggest news for this season is faster training, on many skill levels much faster - but also slower on high levels. At the same time skill drops are also made more depending on skill and less depending on age. There are also some changes to staff; goalkeeping assistants are merged with assistant coaches, accountants are removed and you can only have 30 staff members in total (and max 10 of each kind).

The match engine is given a better simulation of nervousness and underestimation, and special events are now distributed linearly according to ball possession. Club doctors are relieved to hear that new health findings put an end to longer injuries; when a player gets injured, +4 is now the longest the injury will be.

As if this wasn't enough we also get improved league fixtures, thanks to a member of the community (jimrtex). And speaking of the community; a beta of a forum search tool is released and the devs also open up their own blog to share their everyday life.

Season 42 (April 19 2010)

For the first time ever we have a match engine that is not based on 4-4-2, the new engine can handle all formations without having to reposition players making it more straightforward to use. One of the other advantages of the new engine was that inner midfielders were made less powerful than before.

The finance page had an update and became more detailed, and it also included season summaries. Supporters also got financial graphs, for a better overview. Hattrick also started a partnership with the Italian iconic sports paper Gazzetta dello sport.

Season 41 (Dec 28 2009)

Before this season started all bot teams from level six and below started to demote to the lowest division at season's end, and teams with active managers started taking their places to spice up the competition. The distribution of basic chances in the game engine is changed, making some chances exclusive for each team, to improve the balance and reduce the variance in the game. This also enabled a better handling of the counterattack and pressing tactics.

Maltese, our 50th language version is released, and so is our system information page which heavily improves our communication possibilities. The HFA welcomed a whole new generation of match reporters with a habit of being on time to the stadiums, and at the end of the season the new order form is tested in the youth teams, and later on in senior friendlies.

Season 40 (Sep 7 2009)

Season 40 was a pretty calm season, with no changes to the game itself. But Hattrick gets its own long awaited Facebook app, and a new fan page on Facebook. Achievements get an update, together with a list of all available achievements. The small feature where managers can list their favourite teams also sees the light of day.

Season 39 (May 17 2009)

The effect from team confidence gets lowered in the match engine, which generally made it easier for the defence to stop attacks. At the same time the match ratings became more accurate with the effect from confidence, confusion and pulling back becoming fully visible.

HT Live was heavily improved, and with the addition of Re-Live you are now able to get the live experience even if you can't be online at match time. Two new languages were also added, Vietnamese and Macedonian. The addition of the latter caused the real life naming dispute between Macedonia and Greece to carry over into Hattrick, and some weeks of heated discussions in these countries' forums followed.

Season 38 (January 25 2009)

This season conditional substitutions entered the main game, having being tested in youth teams and friendlies for quite some time. We also got a new tactic to play with, long shots.

On the transfer market, a regulation is introduced to balance extreme usage of trading. You can't transfer list a player more times than he has played games for your team. A squad limit of 50 players is also introduced at the same time.

Our Supporter package also got a big update, with the match preview page as the perhaps biggest new feature. Other things included in this update were transfer search profiles, creating your own shortcuts and last but not least: no traditional banners for Supporters.

Oh, and lets not forget Balls. On April 1st the Hattrick assistant Balls entered the game and claimed he was here to help. Balls was our first official April's fool joke, and a much appreciated one.

Season 37 (October 5 2008)

Hattrick's new design saw the light of day in mid December, without doubt the biggest change for a long time. With the new design we also got a bunch of new stuff, such as a brand new forum and new player faces for example. Supporters got a fantastic kit designer to play with, and could also choose a manager avatar.

As the new design was such a big change it almost makes you forget about the things happening before that release. But the addition of the friendly pool should not be forgotten, nor that users in the lowest divisions could start to invite a friend to their own series.

We also got a transfer search where you could search the whole transfer in one go, you didn't have to search zone by zone anymore. Indirect set pieces was added to the match engine, and on the pitch beltxis became the first team to win the Hattrick Masters twice.

Season 36 (June 15 2008)

Hattrick Press, our own user-submitted newspaper, is released, and the internal mail is improved with new functionality. Indirect set pieces become a reality in friendlies and the attack on wings tactic becomes more efficient thanks to a bug fix. Individual instruction makes it possible to exclude a player from skill training, but it's not possible to run both youth systems at the same time anymore.

Uganda and Dhivehi Raajje join the Hattrick world. The league filling for rookie teams are improved to stimulate human competition, rookie teams are not left "alone" as the only human in the series anymore. We also open up our test site Stage for 5000 normal Hattrick users, and we get our 45th language version when Furlan is released.

Season 35 (Feb 24 2008)

The new match engine is now in use for all matches. Training becomes minute based (earlier it only depended on last position played) and set pieces starts to work as all other player skills (earlier all players in the whole squad received set pieces training, and set pieces didn't affect the salary). Fans expectations – what the fans expect before each match – is released and immediately starts to play an important part in all managers' lives. The ticket price for places under roof is increased, and more such tickets are being sold in cloudy and rainy weather. Moreover, the home team in a derby starts to gain a small advantage which wasn't the case earlier seasons.

Match of the Season, the Hattrick board game, starts to sell and the biggest football survey so far – Global Football Monitor – receives an amazing 440,000 answers. Bosnian language version is introduced and Tanzania and Dawlat Qatar leagues are added.

At the end of the season you can start to test conditional substitutions in the youth academies.

Season 34 (Nov 4 2007)

Over 75 000 users are online at the same time in January. Training becomes faster on low skill levels, but slower on high levels. Similarly, skill drops also start to depend on skill level and not only on age. A new match engine (with new player contributions and where stamina is equally important for all players) is being tested in friendly matches to further promote the use of multiskilled players.

The youth academies also get a lot of improvements; boosted player skills, increased training speed, fixed form and stamina levels, and better information from both trainer and scouts.

Hattrick News, the Hattrick news mail, is sent out for the first time. A Persian language version is released and Benin and Suriyah are the new leagues for this season.

Season 33 (July 15 2007)

Hattrick celebrates its 10th anniversary with the introduction of the calendar tool, an invite feature and a new live viewer with integrated chat. Later we also get the logo rating and the Supporters get more bookmarking options to play with. Ghana, Moçambique, Kampuchea and Brunei join the Hattrick family, and Frisian and Luxembourg language versions are added.

Stamina is now trained as a percentage part of the total training, instead of being trained separately as all other skills. An economical reform in the beginning of the season, containing lowered salaries and building costs as well as increased sponsor income and ticket prices, is the first step to get the economy back on track. At the end of season a general price increase can be noticed on the transfer market, putting an end to many seasons of falling prices.

Season 32 (March 25 2007)

The biggest new feature ever is released: The youth academy - a game in the game where you manage your own youth team and train your future star players. A month after the release there are over 500 000 youth teams in Hattrick. Hattrick gets a more modern look and users now get the opportunity to appeal GM decision to the Senior GMs, the leaders of the GM organization.

Supporters get an extended training report archive for their youth teams, and trainer comments are also visible on the player page.  At the end of the season players get individual birthdays, before that all players had the same birthday at the start of the season.

Season 31 (Dec 3 2006)

An alternative career option, achievements, makes its debut. The sponsor income increases and the agent fees are lowered as well as the interest.

The Supporter package is extended with more match statistics. Oman and Al Yaman are new leagues and with the addition of Belarusian and Basque there are now 40 language versions.

Season 30 (Aug 13 2006)

The 900 000 users booundary is passed. Stamina also starts to drop over the season and players start losing skill with age in smaller amounts, but more frequently.  It is now possible to get confidence over wonderful and players can get non-existent skills. National teams get a bunch of graphical features and the Hattrick Masters becomes a four-week competition.

A third Spanish language version (Central American) and Kyrgyz are launched and four new leagues make their entry: Al Kuwayt, Angola, Bangladesh and Crna Gora.

Season 29 (April 23 2006)

More than 800 000 active users play Hattrick. We get a new layout and a handy order page made in Flash. You start paying players' salary for the first week (immediately after signing them) and the match reports get more event variations.

Supporter gets a massive upgrade with Hall of Fame, Kit Designer, bigger Buddy list and Trainer Report to name a few. Supporters also start getting compensated for unplanned downtime. Azərbaycan and Al Iraq make their entry in the Hattrick world. A global census about the game is made and 200 000 answers are received – fantastic!

Season 28 (Jan 1 2006)

Between season 27 and 28 all ownerless teams that used to stay untouched and give walk overs until they reached the second lowest division where they were then replaced, become bot teams. The next step in this "Series Reform" is made at the end of the season when the series system gets the shape of a pyramid (the lower division the more series) instead of a bottle. All bot teams are moved to the bottom of the pyramid.

The result is that bot teams make it to the bottom faster and are ready for replacement instead of being stuck in the middle for many seasons.

Hattrick Masters is played for the first time, with a French winner: FC Barentin. Cartoon United, a Hattrick comic, makes its first appearance on the site and Hattrick also starts sponsoring some real life Hattrick teams. We also get four new members: Bahrain, Barbados, Cabo Verde and Côte d'Ivoire.

Season 27 (Sep 11 2005)

In just a season 100 000 new users join Hattrick and there are now more than 700 000 active users. The manager licence, to make the game easier to grasp in the beginning, is introduced. A new tactic, Play Creatively, is launched as well as the opportunity to order your forwards "Towards Wing" together with the new training type "Wing Attacks". At the same time forwards start to contribute less, and wingers more, to the wing attacks.

League ranking is introduced and the stadium viewer where you can design your own stadium is a new Supporter feature. The mobile services are made interactive, which allows you to place bids on the transfer market through your mobile phone for example.

Algérie, Hayastan, Lubnan, Liechtenstein, Mongol Uls and Sénégal are the new leagues this season, and new languages are Korean, Japanese and Slovenian. Last but not least Hattrick also get its own wiki.

Season 26 (May 22 2005)

The amount of active users is now more than 600 000. Suriname, Nicaragua, Trinidad & Tobago and Kazakhstan become Hattrick members and Serbian, Norwegian and Slovak languages are added. Supporter gets an update with statistics for bookmarks and regional forums.

Season 25 (Jan 30 2005)

For the first time in Hattrick history Sverige is not the biggest country as both España and Nederland now have more active users with teams. It's now possible to use two new training types; Through Passes and Defensive Positions. Shooting is also made 25% more effective. Changes in the spectator formula create less fluctuation in spectator figures as fan mood is made less important.

The "Latest news" for each series is back after 14 seasons, it disappeared when Hattrick got a new style to season 11. Al Urdun, Andorra, Sakartvelo and Guatemala join the family and Galician becomes language number 30. FC Hong Kong make sure another milestone gets passed as they as the first team got more than 100 million € in cash funds.

Season 24 (Oct 10 2004)

The number of active users reaches 500.000 and is celebrated with a comic picture of the Hattrick world, which causes a small uproar in Brazil as a monkey (replaced a few days later) is placed on that part of the world.

The big news is the new cup format where 32768 teams can participate compared to earlier 8192 teams. Ticket prices and sponsor income are increased by 10% and the series place prizes are doubled.  Czech language is introduced as well as six new leagues: El Salvador, Honduras, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, Moldova and Shqipëria.

The non-monkey version of the comic.

Season 23 (June 20 2004)

Hattrick reaches 400.000 active users and as many as 25.000 are online at the same time. To reduce the importance of the phenomenon 'daytrading' fees and incomes of transfers are changed making it less attractive to buy and sell player over night. The transfer compare and Total Skill Index (TSI) for all players (replacing the so called "market value") are other measures to increase the common knowledge for how much a player is worth on the transfer.

Players salaries are changed making secondary skills much cheaper salary wise, teams' fans are made even smarter, all teams can get counter attacks and the amount of random is decreased in the attack/defense ratio. Team ratings get lowered by half and are now also reported as very low, low, high and very high within all levels.

New leagues are Northern Ireland, Belarus, Makedonija, Kenya, Panamá and Jamaica, and Croatian, Hebrew, Russian and Ukrainian are added. Hattrick Clubhouse is a new premium service and Supporter gets an update with a lot of forum features among others.

Season 22 (Feb 29 2004)

Saudi Arabia, Tounes, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates, Lëtzebuerg, Iran, Republica Dominicana and Cyprus are new members in the family, and Hungarian, Latvian, Argentinian (later South American) Spanish and Bulgarian are new language versions.

Season 21 (Nov 9 2003)

Hattrick reaches 250.000 active users! Six leagues (Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nigeria, Al Maghrib, Føroyar) as well as six language versions (Flemmish, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Greek, Lithuanian) are added and HT Live is the big new feature.

Income from spectators is increased by 25% and we get a new format for World Cup. The first Hattrick Calendar is for sale in the Shop and it is also possible to bet on Hattrick matches through a betting partner. Sverige's dominance on the pitch gets forever questioned when Norge wins the World Cup.

Season 20 (July 20 2003)

Match tactics are introduced, but can only be used in friendlies this season, and players' experience starts to affect their performance. The old trainer change system where you paid 10.000€ and got a new random trainer is replaced. Now you can turn your own player into your trainer or pay for new one with the skills of your choice.

Six leagues (Lietuva, Slovensko, Ukraina, Bosna i Hercegovina, Vietnam and Pakistan) and three languages (Polish, Portuguese and Catalan) are added. Supporter is expanded with more match kits alternatives, more statistics and some forum features, and the CHPP partnership program changes shape to allow more partnership programs, however not longer possible to buy in our Shop.

România becomes the first country to beat a Swedish national team in a competition match (U-20 WC) and România also wins the U-20 World Cup this season.

Season 19 (March 30 2003)

The number of active users passes the magic figure 100 000. Community news papers get their own place to announce their articles on the site, AHP (Associated Hattrick Press) and the team's fans become somewhat smarter as they start to notice which league you play in for example.

The Finnish language version is also released during the season.

Season 18 (Dec 8 2002)

Three new language versions (Estonian, Italian and Danish) are released and four new leagues (Bulgaria, Cymru, Israel and Slovenija) are added. It is made easier to improve the formation experience and it takes longer to lose experience.

The compensation for national players is changed. You don't receive any training for national team matches, but the HFA still pays 1/3 of the paycheck if the player plays a match for his country.

The Supporter package is extended with reminders and banners don't reload for Supporters – a very appreciated feature. The LA prefix for our language administrators is introduced.

Season 17 (Aug 18 2002)

Season 17 is proclaimed to be The Anniversary Season as Hattrick turns 5 years. At this time over 60.000 users play Hattrick.  We get five new denominations (titanic, extra-terrestrial, mythical, magical, utopian) to add to the previous 15, two new leagues (Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei) and the Dutch language version.

The tree based forum system is abandoned and replaced with a new forum system, together with the sneak-peek feature. Team spirit starts being affected by transfers and Supporters get more statistics, notebook and federation newsletters. The Mod prefix also sees the light of day, to easier recognise our forum moderators.

Season 16 (April 28 2002)

Magyarország, Česká republika, Latvija, Indonesia, Philippines, Eesti, Hellas, Hrvatska and Yugoslavia, which later became Srbija i Crna Gora and finally Srbija, joins the Hattrick family. The mobile services are now available for all users, and player faces and bookmarks are new Supporter features. Those managers who wondered what Bob Sunesson looked like had to keep wondering as his face was covered by different objects.

World Cup had a separate page and logo during the first editions.

The HFA decide to pay 1/3rd of national players' salaries as long as they play matches for both country and ordinary team. Sweden wins the first U-20 WC, again to no surprise and the first player to reach 10* is Thomas Ranlind, a Swedish goalkeeper who one season later gets sacked from the game by his Swedish owner.

Season 15 (Jan 6 2002)

One can almost say it all happened during season 15. It started out with a major release of new features such as special events, international friendlies, derby matches and national teams – a very important feature for the community building.

It ended with Sverige winning the first World Cup (to no-one's surprise) and the handing out of a major economical crisis package containing lower player salaries, lower agent fees, promotion bonus, interest roof and mother- and last club money.

All teams had also received money for TV rights in the middle of the season, this whole package to deal with the fact that the economy didn't develop at the same pace as the game.

Right in the middle of all this the HT team grows from 3 to 9 members as more members are needed to help out with developing, administration etc. The six new members help out on voluntary basis, but some years later almost all of them are employed by Extralives. The fact that we get our German language version almost gets by unnoticed.

Season 14 (Sep 16 2001)

At last Hattrick gets its own forum system, a tree based one, and the community gets a more natural place to meet and discuss. Spanish and French language versions are launched and six new leagues join in: Singapore, Schweiz, Ísland, België, Österreich and Malaysia.

The transfer page gets an update, including more search possibilities making it possible to search on skills. Another change is that team spirit changes happen daily in small doses instead of a big update once a week.

The first mobile services, for Sweden only, are introduced and Supporter is expanded with shirt numbers, guest book and federation forums. CHPP (Certified Hattrick Product Provider), a partnership program with independent developers of Hattrick software, is also released. You could buy CHPP programs in the Shop.

Season 13 (May 27 2001)

Hattrick Supporter is released, a premium service which later turns out to be what made Hattrick survive and continued being developed.

For 15 SEK (around 1,5€) a month you get a buddy list, some personal statistics and live info in the ticker. Maybe more importantly Supporter was also a good way to support the game. Two months later Supporter is expanded with match kits, prize shelf, press announcements, logos, federations and more statistics.

No less than 23 new leagues are introduced: Oceania, España, Portugal, Polska, România, Chile, Brasil, Türkiye, Colombia, Perú, China, Uruguay, Venezuela, Canada, Rossiya, Prathet Thai, Scotland, Ireland, Nippon, Hanguk, Misr, India and South Africa.

Bob Sunesson's outstanding performances for Hattrick are recognised by the HFA (Hattrick Football Association) , and they claim him to be a "beloved team member" - one of the first easter eggs in the game.

Season 12 (Feb 4 2001)

From this season on you stay in the same series if you don't promote or relegate, which wasn't the case earlier on when teams playing in the same division were randomly drawn into series every season.

The beautiful green Hattrick T-shirt is launched, the first thing you could buy in the Shop.  4 new leagues make their entry in the Hattrick world: Norge, Danmark, Suomi and Nederland.

Season 11 (Oct 15 2000)

After a month of downtime Hattrick is back with a completely new design and a bunch of new features. Hattrick is no longer available only in Sweden - you can also play it in English and seven new leagues are opened up: Argentina, Deutschland, France, England, Italia, España (which later became México) and USA. The Swedish league is also expanded to 10920 teams, which rapidly fills up.

An alternative logo from Oct 2000 which was never used.
Apart from the new leagues the biggest news is that Hattrick is always online and everything happens live – even the matches! The rating system is also brand new, half and whole stars, and three new denominations (world class, supernatural and divine) are added making it 15 altogether.

At the end of the season youth keeper Bob Sunesson, enters Hattrick at the age of 22, and he would later become the most famous player in the game despite his best skill being poor winger.

Season 10 (June 4 2000)

This season will forever be remembered as the last season with the nostalgic look.

Season 9 (Feb 13 2000)

The community moves on their own initiative from Passagen to Delphi forums and grows even stronger. Later on the first community site with automatic generated statistics, HTSCB - Hattrick Central Bureau of Statistics, is launched.

Season 8 (Oct 24 1999)

In the end of the season, in the beginning of 2000, the company Extralives is founded to further develop Hattrick. On the pitch Sunne IK became legends when they were the first team to ever win "the double".

Season 7 (July 3 1999)

For the first time you are now able to choose another tactic than 4-4-2 as it becomes possible to reposition your players.  At the same time individual orders for players are also introduced, which makes the old tactic choices all-out attack, optimistic, careful and ultra defensive obsolete.

Season 6 (March 14 1999)

Nothing in particular happened this season according to the history books.

Season 5 (Nov 15 1998)

If something extraordinary really happened this season it didn't make it into the history books.

Season 4 (July 26 1998)

This season is the training reform season. A bunch of new training types is added making it possible to train all skills and not only stamina and set pieces. As a side-effect to this new training Per Emilsson, breaks the player rating roof and becomes the first and only player to get the "Saint" rating (which was added if the impossible, against all odds, really would happen).

Because of this, the rating system is changed and exclamation marks are added after the maximum rating "*****". The complete rating system looks like this after this change: 0, H, HH, HHH, *, **, ***, ****, *****, *****!, *****!!, etc.

Season 3 (April 5 1998)

Hattrick expands to 1704 teams when div IV is added. The cup is introduced this season as well as friendly matches. Zakrock Rooch becomes the first cup champion.

Season 2 (Nov 23 1997)

Hattrick expands to 680 teams in four divisions (Allsvenskan, div I, II and III) and moves to the Swedish portal passagen.se. The open transfer market system sees the light of day (earlier on you could bid on any player and if the owner accepted the bid the player was yours).

The first match between national teams is also played: Sweden-Denmark 1-2. Denmark was a clone of Sweden, but it would take many seasons before Sweden would have the chance to get their revenge.

Season 1 (Aug 30 1997)

Hattrick is born August 30 1997. The game is in Swedish only and starts out with 16 teams. Two test series (A and B) are played in 7 rounds. 4-4-2 is the only formation to use and the training options are general, stamina and set pieces

The site closes every night at 00.30 to perform all updates, complete transfers and play matches. When the site opens up again in the morning you are able to see your match results.

The original nostalgic logo.
The original nostalgic logo.
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