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Youth players

The scouts

When you activate your youth academy you will immediately get a youth scout assigned to the team. You choose which region he should look in for talent, and you may also tell him to look for a specific kind of player.If you tell him to look for a specific kind of player (for example wingers) he will offer you such a player most of the time, but the players will in general be worse.

You may also hire additional scouts if you want, but you cannot have more than three scouts (and not less than one).Once a week, each scout will make you a player offer when you call him.

If you have more than one scout, you can also get a second offer (and a third if you've got three scouts) if you say no to the first one. But remember, if you choose to turn the first offer down you will never be able to reverse that decision. Once you've said no to an offer, it's definite.

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