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12-22-2022 Emerald Cup redraw: Resend match orders

The draw for next week’s Emerald challenger cups was incorrect, in all leagues. We have redrawn these Cups today. This means all teams now have the correct opponents.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The redraw meant we had to discard all existing match orders for these cups. If you already sent match orders for next week’s Emerald cup match, you need to submit new orders. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

12-16-2022 Ruby cup problems

Because of an issue with the next cup round in all Ruby cups, we unfortunately had to delete all those cup matches for next week and recreate them.

Affected users who already submitted orders for their ruby cup match will need to resubmit their match orders and each affected user should have received an HT-mail informing them of this mishap. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

12-10-2022 Slow site this weekend

The hardware replacement we installed this week is the reason the site is slower than normal. The new hardware is identical to our old one, so the problem is not that it is underdimensioned, but rather there is something in the configuration that is not optimized. We will keep working on this, but we expect the site to stay slow for the rest of the weekend. We are sorry about this. We are still seeing the consequences from the downtime last week.

11-23-2022 The revolution is over

All good things come to an end, but also some bad ones.

The bad thing that we decided to end today was the existence of the “Join my revolution!” achievement, as it has been the cause of two types of spamming - both in terms of team signups, which lead to extra work for GMs, but also in-game spamming between users.

If you had already gained this achievement, you will be able to see it as a disabled achievement. But it will no longer count in your point total and no new ones will be handed out.

11-17-2022 More resolved cup draws

More cup draws didn't works as expected and new cup draws are being made for the following involved leagues:
• Coupe de France (France)
• KNVB Beker (Netherlands)
• Puchar Polski (Poland)
• Switzerland Cup (Switzerland)
• Copa de España (Spain)

We expect this to be done in approximately half an hour. We thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

11-16-2022 Cup draws resolved

Yesterday, the Round 2 cup draws for Italy and Germany did not work as intended. The bug causing this has been fixed and new cup draws made for the leagues involved.

11-15-2022 Cup draws for Round 2

We have reports that the wrong teams seem to be getting the home field advantage in the 2nd Round of the national cups. We are investigating this and will, if needed, redraw the matches for next week.

11-14-2022 Hattrick downtime

This morning Hattrick was not available to many of our users for approximately an hour. Transfers were stopped as soon as possible and were extended later when the site came back up with an hour. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

11-3-2022 Transfer limit working again

The Hattrick Anniversary league transfer limit is now working again as it should. A total of 118 transfers that had been listed in "violation" of the transfer limit have been removed. Three of these had received a bid. Some teams that have had transfer listings removed may still be allowed to list some of their players, so it is worth checking if you are still under your limit.

11-2-2022 Anniversary league transfer limit bug

Today, a bug affecting the transfer listing limits in Hattrick Anniversary league made itself known, allowing teams that should no longer be able to list players to list players anyway. We have identified and closed this loophole during the afternoon, but for the time being all players listed by HTAL teams today remain on the transfer list. Tomorrow Thursday we will take a closer look at this situation and delist any players that are being sold when this should not have been possible. In practical terms this means: All players listed that belong to a team that were always within their transfer limit will STAY on the list. All players listed by teams that have exceeded their limits will be removed from the transfer list. The teams can then choose to list those players again that they have a right to sell given the communicated transfer limits.

We are sorry for the "scare", but this way no players will be sold against the given rule, and teams that may have listed too many players by mistake today will have a chance to sell them with a small delay.

10-26-2022 Maintenance on youth and match archive

On Monday morning the 31st of October we are doing maintenance on the databases for youth teams and archived data (like old match results).
We start at 07:00 until 10:00 HT-Time

Whilst the archive is offline you're not able to transferlist or see match history for players, and you will not get correct data from old matches and stats.

10-9-2022 Application error on youth players

There has come up an issue regarding application errors on youth player pages. We hope to be able to fix this at some point tomorrow. It is no longer necessary to inform your Gamemasters about it.

As a workaround workaround you can use our mobile app or go to our mobile website (https://m.hattrick.org). We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

10-4-2022 Release notes 4th October

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• It is now possible to remove your additional teams from your previous teams list on your manager page if for some reason you no longer want to show off with it. Please note that a removal will be irreversible.
• After the final whistle when viewing a live match, players are no longer seen on the pitch. They may have gone to the dressing room, the club house or possibly home.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

9-2-2022 Friday morning downtime

This morning, the site was down for a few hours due to a database issue. The site was up again around 10.30 HT-time (CET). Transfers with deadline during the downtime, as well as transfers with deadline until 12.00, had their deadlines extended. We are sorry for the inconvenience. All systems are working again now.

8-25-2022 Ladder fairness update

We have changed the intervals of teams which can be challenged when you participate in a ladder competition. In a ladder you can challenge teams above you, and as you progress upwards the numnber of teams you can challenge will always narrow. By design, there has always been certain bottlenecks in ladders where it becomes harder to find an opponent, since you are AT a point where your selection is smaller while the teams just behind you still have a bigger selection. We have done a number of changes to make these bottlenecks less painful, primarily by adding more intervals, especially within the Top 200 positions in a ladder. We also fixed a bug which caused some teams with lower ranking to get smaller selections.

These bottlenecks have been especially noteworthy in the Anniversary Ladder competition, given the size of it and the fact that it operates at a higher speed.

Given this, we have also decided to extend the Anniversary Ladder. Teams that end at the top on the original finish date will receive their prizes, but we will also have a new end date at the end of 2022 - four more months in which everyone will get a chance to grab a new set of prizes

The fixes are already in effect, and are applied to all ladders.

7-22-2022 Double promotion bonus, trophies and fan contribution (HTAL)

Because of a bug some HTAL (Anniversary League) teams received the promotion bonus twice, double trophies and fan contributions. This will be corrected on Monday, so be advised to be careful spending this unexpected money.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

7-19-2022 HTAL upcoming seasons info

All teams will play in the same cup. There will be no divisional cup for division 7.

Only the first season for any new league is on neutral stadium. This is because teams don't have any rankings yet. So the upcoming season cup matches will have home and away teams.

The deadline is what counts for transfer limits, so if you put a player on the transfer list at the end of the season and with a deadline in the next season, this would count towards the limit of the upcoming season.

In the upcoming season the top 2 teams in division 6 will promote directly. And for div 7 the "usual" rules will apply. This will continue throughout the whole league, so next season the top 2 of division 5 will promote and so on, until they reach the top division.

By the usual rules we mean only the first position will have the chance to promote, best half directly (will replace positions 7-8 in division 6) and the other half plays qualifiers with teams in positions 5-6 in division 6.

7-12-2022 Release notes 12th July

The following fix has been released:

• We fixed an issue for when you were trying to save your training plans, it did not work because the spinner kept on spinning forever.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

7-11-2022 Promotion in HTAL

For this first season in Hattrick Anniversary League, all teams placed first and second in the lowest division will be directly promoted and receive the corresponding bonus. For this reason, we have deleted the qualification matches that were erroneously created for next weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience.

6-7-2022 Application error on youth players

Currently clicking on any youth player will result in an application error. We will try to solve this issue as soon as possible, but latest tomorrow morning when we have all hands on deck. There is no need to inform your Gamemasters about this. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

As a work around for now you can use our app (or (https://m.hattrick.org)) and fire or promote there.

Update: Fixed in the meantime.

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