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Tracking and Trending of HT-USA Youth Pool Cleaning Initiative

We all have heard and read that if you have a Youth Academy, and you should take the last player offered to you no matter what because it helps clean the Pool. But before now even though an initiative existed, no one tracked and trended. Sharing findings for the greater HT-community, and a call to help to HT-USA managers.

We all have heard and read that if you have a Youth Academy, and you should take the last player offered to you no matter what because it helps clean the Pool. In HT-USA there has been an initiative that cleans the regions for years. The initiative was started by seadogs64 (222533) dates back to when 17-year-olds could be pulled. The initiative still remains active even though we know they age out of the pool after they turn 17. This group of trainers were dutifully posting their pulls to the group, but nothing was being done with it.

One of the frustrations I had was how to we know when a region is “clean”. I started looking around and realized no one ever studied the impact we had as a region. In Season 70 Week 13 (70.13) I created a spreadsheet. I dutifully plugged each player posted to the thread. Now as we look at the datapoints of over 450 calls we are seeing that our scouts are calling us about 15-year-olds 5% more often than when I started tracking. Which I know sounds small, but we need to remember a few things this entire intiative includes only about 20-30 managers, some of which may only dedicate 1-2 scouts to the project, others have multiple teams. The other thing to consider is that we saw the pool get refreshed. We know it did because we saw a few things.

-In previous weeks we saw an increase of another or the same manager getting a player who already was in the tracker.

-Scouts calling about 16-year-olds spiked up a bit

In addition to age I was tracking Known Skill and Level, All-around or Overall Skill (if provided), Known Skill Potential and Max level, and Specialty (if known). One of the early findings is if a player was suggested a second time the same skill and potential was not always revealed. For Example

Player: John Doe

Call 1 to Manger A reveals he has a current skill of Weak Defending and a Max Potential of Weak Passing.

Call 2 (2 weeks later) to Manager B reveals he has a current Skill of Inadequate Defending and a Max of Passable Defending.

So by looking John Doe up in the Database which is a google document linked to the sticky in the thread Manager B can determine that this player should be trained as a Defender and not to waste a weak of valuable training trying to figure out if passing should be trained as a secondary skill while in the academy.

When we do move to regions there is already a Quality of Life that will allow us to further drill down on the data. We are looking at including a metric for Last Call so we know if the player was taken because it was the last scout call, and a qualifier to see if the player was only taken BECAUSE it was the last call ie take and immediately fired, or if the manager plans to train them. These improvements will further allow us to trend and track our efficiency. Another consideration is to track instances where the last scout call was a really good forward but because that manager already is training good players in defending and playmaking and they don’t want that player to go to waste to they pass on them.

We also at one point were moving across the country and paying moving costs for scouts about every two seasons. We did a cost analysis that showed if you moved to nearby reasons the cost for moving is $0. After realizing this, we built a roadmap that has us moving through each region. It will not always be $0 because we will need to move to Florida to Puerto Rico or California to Hawaii, or from the west coast back to the east coast to wind back around again. But at least now each region will get systematically cleaned every so often.

It is my firm belief that every country can benefit from a cleaner youth system. If you would like to start one please look at the spreadsheet we have, (17223066.1) and feel free to HT-mail (224212) with any questions. If you are in HT-USA and would like to join us, please use the thread linked above and post how many of your scouts you will be moving to the region we are in. Currently we are in Pennsylvania but after 72.16 we will be moving to Philadelphia.

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