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El Mundo Hattrick

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Mundial está en la ronda II Liguilla
Próximo partido: Viernes 20:00

Campeones actuales

Mundial Mundial Sub-21 Hattrick Masters Trofeo "Semana del Supporter"
Suiza Schweiz España U21 España Smokinglirarna Draggen United
Dirigido por Morelos Dirigido por Oro-Flavio_86 Dirigido por _Bele_ Dirigido por gunta

Hattrick Press

10-21-2021 How to be a newbie in HT?

After many past experiences in Hattrick, with very short, short or medium playing periods, I'm now more into the "let's take this a bit deeper" part of the game. In combining all my experiences from the previous periods in play, the forums, the (unwritten) manuals, ... I figured out I simply forgot to be a newbie. You have the right to be a newbie, and by all means, do what any newbie does: you do stupid things!

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10-3-2021 Rediscovering an old friend

This article is about friendship, about rediscovery, about the joy of playing "Hattrick" even after almost 20 years.

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8-31-2021 Guide to the new achievement system

Achievements are intended to give each user a better gaming experience. They were first introduced in December 2006 with minor fixes in the following seasons, followed by a big break until June 2021. You can find them in the manager page. (/Club/Achievements/). After the way achievements are awarded has been revamped recently, I will try to guide you trough the historic and current achievement system.

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Selecciones nacionales - Notas de prensa

10-16-2021 Kazajistán Kazakhstan: Казахстан проходит в третий раунд ЧМ
10-12-2021 Kazajistán Kazakhstan: Важные 3 очка в Сенегале
10-10-2021 Bangladesh Bangladesh: Nessun argomento.
10-10-2021 Bangladesh Bangladesh: staff nt bangladesh
10-9-2021 Haití U21 Haiti: First International win in an official game
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