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New managers

I am a bit worried about Hattrick and especially about the decline in the number of managers. I know this has been happening for years, but it has also been going fairly fast in recent weeks (I keep track of the number of users in an excel list)
I see that a number of new managers sign up every day, but over time (read 7 weeks) the new managers have left the game.
So.., what can we do about it?

I know there is a mentoring program that new managers can use, but this is hard to find in the beginning and as a new manager you don't know this (I certainly had that problem).

Still, I think Hattrick is really a top game and I would really like it if we can ensure that we get more active managers.

I actually want to make sure that the new managers are even better received. Now I can come up with a grandiose idea and email it to HT. But before this is implemented, we might be again a few months/years later. ;)

So I thought I should keep it simple and what do what I can in order to provide a more supportive beginning for the new managers. For me the start in Hattrick was quite heavy (lots of info, results are slow, so many factors, etc.) and I only found out late that there are a forum and a mentoring program.

I started to send a nice personal message to every new manager in the Netherlands, briefly stating that it is, of course, a nice game, but also if they need help that they can get it from me or through the forum. This is catching on, I get a lot of response from new managers. We still have to wait and hope that they will stay in the end, but we will see! Only time can tell...

Here is a template of such a Hattrick mail:

Hello "name manager"

Welcome to the most amazing online game in the world. A game where you can choose between a lot of different ways to play the game.

In the middle of your text, you can add some interesting links (tools, forum, ht manual, ...)

And end with

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them on the forum or mail me back.

So some nice managers are so helpful to do this in other countries. Right now we do the following countries:

LandManagerManager ID
The Netherlandsjonnyneven(10352954)
ArgentinaPibe Valderrama(13295791)
BoliviaPibe Valderrama(13295791)
EcuadorPibe Valderrama(13295791)
Costa RicaPibe Valderrama(13295791)
PanamaPibe Valderrama(13295791)
HondurasPibe Valderrama(13295791)
ParaguayPibe Valderrama(13295791)
Soa tomeVince12chase(13130791)
Cape VerdeVince12chase(13130791)

I hope that this also catches on in other countries and that we can look back in the future to see that we have all stabilized the decline in managers with them or perhaps that it will rise again.

If you want to help in a country, please contact me! And feel free to join the discussion here: (17256411.1).

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