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Mont di Hattrick

Competizions Corintis

Hattrick Masters al è ae Turni 2
Prossime partide: Doman 20:00
Cope dal Mont al è ae Turni I
Prossime partide: Vinars 20:00

Campions in cjarie

Cope dal Mont Cope dal Mont U21 Hattrick Masters Trofeu de Setemane dai Supporter
Svuizare Schweiz Spagne U21 España Comandante Ernesto "Che" Guevara B Draggen United
Paron: Morelos Paron: Oro-Flavio_86 Paron: hastalavictoria Paron: gunta

Hattrick Press

8-31-2021 Guide to the new achievement system

Achievements are intended to give each user a better gaming experience. They were first introduced in December 2006 with minor fixes in the following seasons, followed by a big break until June 2021. You can find them in the manager page. (/Club/Achievements/). After the way achievements are awarded has been revamped recently, I will try to guide you trough the historic and current achievement system.

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8-31-2021 X-Files Report: Hidden Achievements

On June 30, 2021, the Hattrick world was set abuzz when HT-Johan announced the implementation of 17 new achievements. This represented the first reboot of the achievements system since its introduction in 2006. As users began to sink their teeth into the new system, a few hidden achievements suddenly appeared. The exact reasons why these achievements have occasionally popped up is a mystery, and so your faithful HT Press reporter reached out to Walter Skinner, Assistant Director at the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations to ask that the FBI investigate. Agent Skinner did not view the matter of high importance, and therefore assigned it to Special Agents Dana Skully and Fox Mulder, who are assigned low priority cases involving unexplained phenomenon. Through an anonymous source, HT Press has obtained a copy of their report.

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8-13-2021 Interview with HT-managers: Denmark

I'm starting to publish a series of interviews with managers from various countries. For me it's important to get to know a man, not a manager. To know who is he in real life. One man – one country. Today we are going to Denmark.

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Scuadris Nazionalis - Comunicâts stampe

9-18-2021 Inghiltere U21 England: Welcome - The Basics
9-17-2021 Slovenie Slovenija: Osebje / Staff
9-16-2021 Maldivis U21 Dhivehi Raajje: Dhivehi Raajje - U21 Scouting
9-15-2021 Austrie Österreich: NT Österreich / Austria
9-15-2021 Gjamaiche U21 Jamaica: New campaign
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