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Свет Hattrick

Бягучыя падзеі

Hattrick Masters: ідзе Раўнд 7
Наступны матч: Панядзелак 16:00
Кубак Сьвету U21: ідзе Раўнд 13
Наступны матч: Панядзелак 20:00

Дзейсныя чэмпіёны

Кубак Сьвету Моладзевы (U21) Чэмпіянат Сьвету Hattrick Masters Кубак тыдня Supporter
Славакія Slovensko Іспанія U21 España Smokinglirarna Barakas Andinos
Уладальнік LA-Kanito Уладальнік Oro-Flavio_86 Уладальнік _Bele_ Уладальнік KuBar1

Hattrick Press

1-13-2022 10 tips on making your youth team more effective for you.

This is a guide to managing your youth team. It is primarily aimed at managers who don't know much about what their youth teams can offer, as well as offering some up to date tips to help you get the most out of your team. There is always more to discover, but this should get you started.

Although some managers prefer the lottery for pulling a random youth into their senior team each week, or simply don't have the time or inclination to manage a youth team, the latter can complement your senior team, if you know what you are doing. if you fancy giving it a go, here are some tips.

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Чытаць артыкул

1-1-2022 Welcome in 2022: a new season of harehunt

The global ladder is a wonderful place with a lot of different teams from all around the world. Normally it is very peaceful, however peace is threatened by a army of hares. Join the harehunt, season 2022, and help us to restore peace!

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Чытаць артыкул

12-24-2021 With homegrown players to the top (3)

I received my club in November 2010. I never bought any players. Now, after 11 years (36 seasons) of homegrown experience, it’s time to wrap it up and pass on some tips and tricks.

I started playing with homegrown players because I liked the idea of playing with players who have a deep connection to the club. With my previous club (2005-2010), I got tired of playing with foreign players whose names I couldn’t even remember. They didn’t come to life to me. This was different with my homegrown guys: most of them played for over 20 seasons for the club and in that time (6 years) at least I could remember their names and skills.

Some of you might have read one of my previous articles about my homegrown adventures. If not, you can read part 1 (2011) here: (13392) and part 2 (2015) here: (18924). Summary: between 2010 and 2016 I tried to reach first division in Spain, but only made it to II. In my best match, my team got 509 hatstats (515850184).

New goal: 600 hatstats

In September 2016 I started with a new group of 17 year olds (I call it my “2016-team”). Now my goal was to reach 600 hatstats. I picked this goal of 600 hatstats, because I didn’t want to depend on the match engine trying to win matches and leagues. But also, I thought that having a team with this brutal force, I should be able to beat just about anybody. I mean, good luck with your carefully picked specialties, optimised in whatever tactic, if I play against you with a magical midfield and attack!

In practice, this goal of brutal force meant that I prioritised skills over specialties, and that I only trained skills that attributed to my teams ratings. So, I didn’t train set pieces training and didn’t care about passing for defenders and scoring for wingers, for example. After some playing around with Hattrick Organiser, I figured that optimising for a 253 formation would give me the best chance to reach 600 hatstats. Did I reach my goal? Keep on reading…

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Нацыянальная Зборная - Прэс-рэлізы

1-27-2022 Дамініканская Рэспубліка U21 Dominican Republic: Selección U21
1-24-2022 Алжыр U21 Algérie: U21 Potential / Potentiel U21
1-23-2022 Бельгія U21 Belgium: TEAM U21 BELGIUM
1-23-2022 Швейцарыя Schweiz: Unser Scouting / our Scouting
1-22-2022 Фінляндыя Suomi: Suomi/Finland NT staff
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