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Interview with ‘The conquest of two world’s’

Everyone knows how difficult it is to win a big race in Hattrick. Everyone knows how difficult it is to win several competitions in Hattrick. But how difficult is it (and beautiful) to win several competitions with several teams at the same time? We asked someone who has already accomplished this feat: GM-Zabal (7562577)! (original article (20189) written by HPE-regia5 (911825), translated by HPE-JTWetzel)

Have you adopted the same strategy for your 2 teams or a different plan for each of them? Tell us, please, the differences and the similarities between the two teams.

With my core team, I chose the classic way: a train line, the money that comes in, and then try to train a U20: I managed to buy Cuzi (258642323), Mtangi (254190510) and (247446475). these players were at the center of my training strategy. I climbed to the top thanks to them. Then I trained defensive attackers while remaining in D.I. But the training was less important.
In Cuba, I also chose the classic way to start and I trained a line. Then, I had the chance to discover a young player in my Academy, Arias (390541020). It was the first time that I was going to train a young player in my team! As a result, he has been at the center of the strategy of building my team, and I was promoted until di! I am now proud that Arias is about to play the cup of the world to Cuba (T2), and this will be a first for his team! I also trained Anen (398384116)! So I'm always in full training phase, I have yet a psychologist for example.

Do you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, for example, that you need to change or send your orders from your second team youth team match?

Sometimes I get confused with all the orders I have to give, or auctions that I follow! For example, I put a bid on a player, and then I realize that I did it with the wrong team! Luckily, so far I have not made that mistake :p but I think that I need to change the training on my bad team ^^

Do you think that managing your second team so well has made you a better manager for your first team? Can you give examples to explain your answer?

Not really, because I am also in di V with my main team ^^
However, I noticed that in my main team was missing some player profiles. As for example, a real attacking classic. I also discovered that training a player from the club became really important (with his little red heart ^^)!

You have a third team. Are you always competitive with all three teams? (Many people know they can't pay attention to the three teams in the same way).

With my 3rd team, I first wanted to try very hard to reach the success of my other teams, like having a team of dishonest players, or a team of popular players...
I also wanted to try things that I couldn't do anywhere else, like building a team specialized in distant shots. So now, I'm trying to earn the money to buy the right profiles, and start using this tactic. The good thing is that I have no need to devote a lot of time. Also, if you play long shots, you need not to manage the trust, having good wings or maintain the experience in your routines ;)

What is your philosophy when you aim for trophies? Do you focus on a single competition (for example the Cup) and you let the game engine do the rest in the League, or rush you at full power in both competitions?

Each season, I play to try to win everything :) It's very difficult, because there are a lot of strong teams, and chance becomes very important when games are tight. Sometimes, I deserve to be champion, but the engine begs to differ, but not this season. Sometimes, the reverse held true :) I have played in the highest division of Luxembourg for 18 seasons, and in Cuba for 5 seasons. And yet, I want to win again!
With time, you always see the same managers at the top and rivalries last. And in Luxembourg, I know some of them IRL, so it is a lot of fun to be close with each other.

Same question, but on your teams. Do you play your best with all the teams, or do you concentrate more on one of them (perhaps by modifying each season)? With your third team, will it be different, or are you going to take the time to rebuild your team and change strategy, as many great managers tend to do?

For the moment, I think that my second team is the best! She's younger, I have a wide variety of players, and a lot of my first team players aren't in shape; It is difficult ^^

In any case, I play every game for the win or at least draw against a difficult opponent!
My third team will be full of players TdL, this will take time but it will be good. I've always had very high offensive ratios, and I've never played in 5-5-0, haha :D

What about Hattrick Masters and how will this affect your career in League and Cup? Have you already thought about a triple?

It is very difficult! He has never had easy matches and I often have bad luck! In addition, I never spend money to buy the best players, so I use my current players. The most difficult is to manage both, as I said. You play to peak in the League because you have the Masters match in mind, while you could PIC if it had not been this match, so you lose points... I'd rather not spend it all and try to go as far as possible while avoiding bankruptcy!
In small countries, however, the Masters are very difficult, for example, in Cuba, I played the quarterfinals of the Cup so I had the Masters game the following Monday! It's complicated, there is less PIC 'free' as in the major countries, where you can afford to play without your best players. But nevertheless, you have other benefits ^^

You don't play in large countries; do you think that this helps you to have a lot of success, and how?

Cuba is a small country with a lot of second teams. Luxembourg is greater, there was a time when it was up to 500 teams, and you know everybody in real life! Since you know everyone, it's not easy because the average level is high and everyone knows the game. In Cuba, there are very good managers, so it's too hard.
Compared with large countries, you have an advantage with your Academy players and prices which are higher. But the cut is shorter, so you have less revenue from Stadium revenues. It is also very difficult to find players from the same country for your team, so your players salaries are high.

How would you like to be the first to win 3 national titles with 3 different teams?

This would be great! But first, I want to win a double!
This season, I managed twice to Luxembourg, the title to Cuba and the secondary cut. It wasn't the 'real deal', so I can start again from here :D
However, with HTI and 5 000 teams split into 6 divisions, it's a great League, and it will take time to climb to the top by playing in distant shots: P

From a personal point of view, regarding only your team management, how much time do you spend to be as successful? It often happens that after having won titles and cups, one becomes more relaxed and playing with more confidence in spending less time; is it the same for you, or do you still think that you should always learn?

Not much actually!
I buy a few players. For example, I now finished my shopping and my sales until the next season. From time to time, I can look for an interesting player on the transfer market :) so I have specific profiles of registered players, other than that, my composition is always ready, and I change that one or two players based on the shape or a red card on my team or my opponent! What takes time is the analysis of your opponent, but you always end up not playing with the same managers at the top, so you have a good idea of how the game is going. The most difficult thing is to guess if your opponent will MOTSer or no, or maybe, if he'll try just for this time to have possession outside...: p
About the words, often happens in the 1/16th or the 1/8th finals in Cup (before playing on neutral ground), you want to beat a team of the highest division, whatever the result :D
But I spend as much time with the players in my academies. This is the most important for me, because I make a lot of money trying to have the more good players as possible. So here, I spend time with my 3 academies, but it is really worth!
Now, I learn something about the distant shots :)

Thank you very much for your time, and best wishes for future success with your clubs L'Auberge Spanish (463279) (( the Luxembourg, live together or die only (2012541) in Cuba and Coconut Club (2056290) in Hattrick International!

Thank you for this interview, I hope you learned something! Come visit my club, the tour is offered: beer, pina colada or mojito! : p

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