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Hattrick tilkynningar

6-3-2021 20 years of making Hattrick possible

This Saturday, June 5, our Supporter package turns 20 years old. Hooray! As usual, we celebrate this with a treat for the lovely group of people that we call Supporters!

* We’ve added the “Team of the Week” feature for all divisions, leagues and Hattrick as a whole

* We now have Match Event statistics for Special Events as well

* In the Statistics page for your series, you can now check the top teams in the series for a bunch of new criteria: TSI, salary level, power ranking, stamina and experience. Values are shown either for your Top 11 players or as an average for the whole squad. Maybe there is at least some area where you will be able to call yourself superior to your series rivals?

* We are also visualizing your historical Power rating in a new way - as a graph. In this new graph you can also see how the Power rating of your series rivals have progressed over time.

* The most requested addition on this list, however, must be that Supporter stats for goals, cards and best player now covers not just the last 3 seasons, but ALL seasons - a special thank you to our server guys for finally allowing us to implement this one!

We know that many Supporters are stat nerds, so we hope you like this release! 

To add some sugar to this Supporter Appreciation Week for the rest of our users as well, we run a 15 % discount offer on all Supporter packages the coming week. This offer runs until midnight on June 12th. 

Again, a big up to all Supporters out there - we are so grateful for you helping us developing this game!

5-31-2021 At least in HT, arenas are open again!

We are very happy to announce that the Arena designer tool (for Supporters) is once again available. Unlike the Kit Designer, we did not only recreate the old Flash tool but also started using 3D technology for the editor. So while currently the modules and colour choices are still very similar to the old system, you can now zoom in and rotate your creations. The best part is that using 3D will create a lot of interesting options for the future.

Another new thing is that arena images are no longer only created dynamically, we also save thumbnails of all stadiums, which means you can download and share images outside Hattrick if you want.

For now, the arena surroundings are not in use for this new arena version. We have decided to redesign the surroundings and make them more interesting, but we will save that for a later release.

Enjoy visiting your arenas again, it’s been a long wait, we know!

5-27-2021 The Mentor Chat

We’ve opened a new chat channel, open to all newbies in Hattrick as well as to those experienced Hattrick users that have pledged to help out as mentors.

The Mentor chat is a place not only for sharing advice about how to take on the game, but also for newbies to ask about how mentoring works before signing up for one.

Having a mentor is a great idea for most new managers in Hattrick, so if you haven’t considered it yet, this could be the time to do it. It’s free, it’s simple, and it will probably give you a much better chance to make the most of your first seasons in the game.

The chat is available on the Mentor page
page, where you can also sign up to either be mentored or to be a mentor yourself! 

It can of course also be found in our recently added Chat portal, where you can easily navigate between all the chats that you are a member of. You can open the Chat portal by clicking the expansion arrow on any chat on the site, for example the one on your Series page, or using the shortcut in the Hattrick header.

Happy mentoring!

5-24-2021 Hattrick Masters draw

The Hattrick Masters starts next week on Monday. The draw for this season's edition will take place today at 15:00 (CET).

5-20-2021 Hattrick Goes Local

For the first time, we are adding a way for Hattrick managers to connect to users that live nearby, in order to chat, play single matches and hopefully also to foster stronger local communities over time. This new feature is called Local Circles, with each Circle typically being your closest major town.

Circles are exclusive to our app, as it uses the geolocation feature in your phone. Since privacy is our main concern, you need to actively choose to scan for your nearest Circle in order to see it or of course to join it. When you enter your closest Circle, you can start interacting with the other managers. The feature can be found in the “World” tab in your app.

To be clear, other users can NEVER see your exact location, only which Circle you are in. And Hattrick only looks at your location while selecting a Circle for you, this data is not saved on our end.

For now, we have added Circles for several hundred cities around the world. We will keep an eye on how active the Circles are, and may add or subtract Circles as needed to make sure we get a good balance between Circles being geographically relevant and having a sufficient population to be interesting to be a part of.

Again, there are two features for now. Local chat and local Single matches. For now, everyone gets 10 free single matches to play against other local managers. In the future, you may be able to buy more single matches, or we add some other match formats instead. There will also be entirely new local features, and we are open to ideas and suggestions, too. Help us make this a new interesting aspect of Hattrick!

Over the course of the coming weeks, we will select 5 Circles in 5 different countries, based on which have surprised us most in a positive way, and send over a box of Hattrick merchandise to distribute among members.

As ever, the apps can be downloaded for free for Android as well as forApple iOS users.

See you in the Circle!

5-4-2021 Switzerland on top of the world!

On the brink of a new Hattrick season, this Sunday the World Cup final was played between 2 alpine countries and neighbours, Switzerland and Austria. With each team having their own style of play, Hattrick fans all over the world wondered which tactic was going to be the winning one. With a 3 - 0 World Cup victory for the Swiss, this time the mountains were too high for Austria.

The Austrians were looking for opportunities to create chances by intercepting the ball during attacks from the Swiss. Unfortunately for them, none of them lead to a good chance for them to take the lead. Instead after 22 minutes it was Switzerland to score the opening goal of the match, 1 - 0. Austria kept lurking for a good opportunity to score and were almost successful when nearly 10 minutes later the ball went past the wrong side of the woodwork. This chance had deserved a better outcome. Despite a few more moments in front of the goal, 1 - 0 was the half-time score.

After the break Austria felt for a long time everything was still possible for them to still leave the pitch as the winner and with the World Cup trophy in their hands. After 24 minutes in the second half though, their dream seemed to come to an end when Switzerland scored 2 - 0. Or did the Austrian coach still have a trick up his sleeve? With a little less than 15 minutes to go a miracle was needed when a 3 - 0 score seemed to be impossible to turn around still. The fans didn't get to see any more tricks or miracles in the remaining time. Switzerland is the next World Cup winner!

Congratulations to Switzerland and their manager Morelos.

4-29-2021 Elections coming up!

With the World Cup nearing its end (semis tomorrow and final on Sunday), it's also time to elect the next NT coaches.

If you want to become a candidate, you must actively register as one.

Registration opens Friday 7:00 (CET), and voting starts on Monday and continues for one week. Elections are now held for all 144 Hattrick leagues that can compete in the World Cup, which includes 16 teams that have never had a National team before!

For this election, your candidate speech will now also be automatically posted as a thread in the national forum of the league of which you are a candidate - don't miss the chance to answer the questions of the community.

To become a candidate for the elections or to vote in the elections, you need to have been a user for at least one season - this is in order to reduce various kinds of elections abuse.

Let the campaigns begin!

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