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Hattrick tilkynningar

1-15-2021 Follow today’s live draws

Today we will draw the groups for the new Continental Championships, which will be held for all U20 national teams this season.

One of the new features of these competitions is that match times will be better suited to the local users, and the same is true for the live draws.

Thus they will be held at four different times today, and early tomorrow. These same times will be the match hours for the championships once they get underway.

Visit the World page and click U20 to follow the action. The live draw times are:

Friday 12.00 (HT): Asian-Oceanian Cup
Friday 20.00 (HT): Euro Cup
Friday 21.00 (HT): African Cup
Saturday 01.00 (HT): American Cup

We hope you will enjoy the live draw!

1-11-2021 U20 World Cup again won by Germany

On a cloudy Sunday evening Germany and Oceania played the U20 World Cup final. Both teams had their own approach to the game and it was going to be interesting to see how this would play out. In the end however it were the Germans who pulled the longest straw and became U20 World Champions for the 8th time in the Hattrick history. Final score was 2 - 1.

The best chances were for the Oceanians in the beginning of the game. They showed off their counter attacking skills, but unfortunately they were less successful in finishing of these chances. The first chance for the Germans after little more than half an hour into the match however immediately went in and gave the 'Mannschaft' a 1 - 0 lead. 6 minutes later the score was equalized after Germany forgot to convert a few good chances, 1 - 1. The half-time whistle blew after each off the teams managed to miss an opportunity to take the lead again. The half-time score was tied into 1 - 1.

After 6 minutes played of the second half, the Oceanians had their 'What if' moment when Germany took the lead, 2 - 1. A few minutes earlier a good chance wasted by the men from Down Under. As the game progressed, Oceania seemed to be tired as they came nowhere near scoring an equalizer. The Germans quite satisfied with how things were going did not put in much effort to make things more exciting and why should they. After 92 minutes the referee decided it was time for the ceremonies and he blew the final whistle. The U20 World Cup trophy is for Germany.

Congratulations to Germany and their manager Hardy_HH.

1-8-2021 Elections and the new World Cup

With the U20 World Cup nearing its end (semis today and final on Sunday), it’s also time to elect the next U20 coaches.

If you want to become a candidate, you must actively register as one.

Registration opens today Friday 7:00 (CET), and voting starts on Monday and continues for one week. Elections are now held for all 144 Hattrick leagues that can compete in the World Cup, which includes 16 teams that have never had a National team before!

For this election, your candidate speech will now also be automatically posted as a thread in the national forum of the league of which you are a candidate - don’t miss the chance to answer the questions of the community.

To become a candidate for the elections or to vote in the elections, you need to have been a user for at least one season - this is in order to reduce various kinds of elections abuse. 

Let the campaigns begin!

1-5-2021 Series swapping

As usual, the HFA will allow some teams to swap series over the close season:

• This swapping window will be open from Thursday 7th 00:00 to Friday 8th January 23:59 (CET)
• HTI teams are only able to swap until Friday 16:00 (CET) due to the creation of the matches for the upcoming season
• You can only swap your series if you play in one of the lowest three division levels in your country
• You can only swap your place with a bot team from your own division level
• You can only swap once and it can't be undone, so make sure you really want to swap series

You can swap places with a bot from the series page of the bot. A link will appear after the bot team in the table. Note that you can only swap places with a bot team (having the "robot logo"), and not with an ownerless team which has not been botified yet.

12-29-2020 New Kit and Arena Designer apps

With the arrival of 2021, we also reach the formal end of Adobe Flash, the technology used in our Kit Designer and Arena Builder apps. This means that browsers will no longer have support for Flash content, and that some browsers may actively start blocking it. If you have planned on updating your kits, it may be best to do so before the New Year, as functionality could be unpredictable after that.

Other than that, already existing kits and arenas should continue to work fine inside Hattrick.

We have been working on replacement versions for the Kit Designer and the Arena Builder (which are both Supporter features) for several months, and the new apps are now in testing. These new app versions will use HTML5 and be better integrated into the web site as a whole.

The look, feel and design functionality of the new apps will be very close to the old ones. Along with the release of the new apps, all existing designs will be exported to a new format. Our aim is for these converted kits and arenas to also being fully editable after the conversion.

However, we are still testing and it could be that some aspects of the Flash experience will not be the same. A final release day is not yet decided, but sometime in January looks most likely.

12-28-2020 Happy Holidays & New Year!

We hope you all had an enjoyable season in Hattrick, as well as a pleasant holiday season! After this very special year of 2020, the HT team simply wants to thank you all, even more than usual, for sticking with us and making this game so much fun to work with!

As for 2021, lots of exciting things are waiting on the Hattrick front, we are looking forward to sharing that with you. For now, have an amazing New Year celebration - and stay safe!

12-20-2020 More moderate solution to coach prices

Last month, measures to remove the price difference between internally and externally recruited coaches were announced by the Hattrick Syndicate of Football Coaches. The proposal would stop the use of “Future coaches” as a way to keep extra money available for transfers, a practice that had also led to a price bubble for these players.

However, this idea was quickly abandoned as it was deemed to be too narrow in scope, and also that the immediate effect on transfer market prices for future coaches would be too drastic.

After further negotiations between HSFC and the Hattrick Football association, it has been agreed that what is needed is a broader but more moderate approach. This will not only target future coaches, but also aim to prevent bubbles for some other player categories that are today bought merely to store value rather than for being used in your team.

We cannot tell you right now how exactly this change will be implemented, as we are still working on the details until next season. But what we can already tell you is that our focus will be on measures that avoid the circumvention of Board reserves and cash limits, rather than targeting the price levels of such players directly.

If price levels are affected, it is expected that this will happen in a softer and more gradual way than in the previous proposal.

The final changes will be implemented by August 2021, as originally planned.

Further details will be announced early next year, well in advance to let managers adapt.

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