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Additional club

With Supporter Platinum and Diamond you have the opportunity to manage an additional club. You manage this club individually, just as you manage your primary club, which means the additional club has its own separate player squad, stadium, finances, youth team, and so on.

Start an additional club

You can start an additional club at any time. Your additional club can play in the same country as your primary club or in another country, as long as there is space available in that country.

Additional clubs will start with some initial funds (just as any other new club), but owners will not need to do the manager license.

General rules

You can have up to two additional clubs.

You will not be able to make any transfers between your clubs and you also can't buy players where the other team would either receive mother club or previous club money.

Additional club in the same country

Your primary and additional clubs will not be able to play in the same series or meet each other in a qualifier, nor meet each other in the cup (with the exception of the final). Both clubs can play at the same series level, but in different series.

In the unlikely, but not impossible, situation where three teams of the same user end up in the semi-finals, obviously one of the teams will face a sister team.

If one club is already playing in the top series, and another earns promotion to this series, the club promoting will not be allowed to advance. That spot will instead go to the team, among those that should have demoted from the top division, that finished with the highest rank. This will be processed after the qualifiers have been played.

If both clubs promote to the top series in the same season, only the primary club will get to promote.

Additional club in another country

The number of additional club spots available for "foreign" managers in a country depends on how many clubs are unused in that country, something that depends on how big the country is and how many users are already playing in it.

A minimum of 50% of the clubs in a country are reserved for local users. So, in a league with 168 clubs, at least 84 of them are reserved for local users (and the other 84 slots can be taken by any manager, local or foreign). But if a country is 90% full, the remaining slots will be reserved for local users only.

Switch series in switching window

Just like for primary clubs, it is possible for additional clubs to switch series (where possible) in the series-switching window in between seasons. Keep in mind that it is not possible to switch to a series where you have another club playing.


Flags are collected by clubs separately, additional clubs have their own flag collections.

Playing against an additional club rewards flags just as playing any other club would, and the additional club is rewarded flags for its own collection.


Achievements are achieved by the manager, and achievements are, as such, saved for each user and not for each club.

Voting in elections

You will not be able to vote in national team elections in the country of your additional club. You can only vote in the country of your primary club.


If your primary club goes bankrupt you will also lose access to your additional club.

If your additional club goes bankrupt you can start a new one 16 weeks after the date you started your previous additional club (so if you've had your additional club for more than 16 weeks you can start a new club immediately).

Close additional club

You can close your additional club at any time. But if you close your additional club, you'll have to wait at least 16 weeks from when you started your previous additional club until you can start a new one.

Platinum/Diamond subscription expiration

If your Platinum, extra club license or Diamond subscription expires, you will still be the manager of your additional club for one more week, after this week you will no longer be able to manage it. 7 weeks after the expiration, the system will disconnect your additional club. If you purchase Platinum, a extra club license or Diamond again during these 7 weeks you will get access to your additional club again. But if you don't, the club will become ownerless and you will not be able to return to it.

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