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Hattrick Masters

The Hattrick Masters is the international tournament for all Cup and League winners. It is played for four weeks, starting after Round 4 each season. Matches are played on Mondays at 16.00 HT Time and Thursdays at 20.00 HT Time.


256 teams can participate in the Masters and it is played as a straight cup with 8 rounds. The draw for each round is completely randomized, and the matches are played on neutral grounds.

If there are not enough teams to fill up the first round completely, some lucky teams (selected randomly) will skip the first round and join the action in the second round. If any of the cup or league winners have become ownerless (or changed owner), they may not participate in the Masters. If a team wins both league and cup in the same season, they will be the only team from that nation participating in the Masters.

Special tournament rules

There are some special rules that apply to the Masters:

Card and Injuries: Cards do not matter (except red cards in the game, of course), but injuries are recorded as normal.

Team Attitude: Playing "Match of the Season" (MOTS) or "Play it Cool" (PIC) will not decrease/increase your team spirit as much as it would after a regular match. The effect during the match is the same as during a regular match, though.

Training: Masters games do not count toward a player's training.

Masters income

The home and the away team split the crowd revenue 50/50. The best teams also get some prize money as shown below.

The Hattrick Masters winner gets 800 000 US$, the runner-up gets 400 000 US$, and the two losing semifinalists each get 200 000 US$. The losing quarterfinalists each get 100 000 US$ and the losing last-sixteen teams each get 50 000 US$.

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