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National teams

In January, 2021, new rules for National Teams will go into effect.

In Hattrick, just like in the real world, there are national teams competing against each other. But in Hattrick, the coach of your country's national squad is elected by you! Each Hattrick country has a main national squad, as well as a U-20 team featuring players 20 years old or younger. This means each country has two national coaches, both elected by the community.

The World Cup format

The World Cup begins every second season and starts with a qualification round. 32 teams advance from this round to the World Cup. There are three consecutive group rounds, with 4 teams to a group. The top two teams qualify for the next stage. The final two rounds are knockout matches, beginning with the semi-finals and culminating in the World Cup Final. The U-20 World Cup begins a season after the World Cup, and follows the same format.

Seeding for World Cup Round I is based on ranking, which is determined by previous World Cup results. When no World Cup matches are scheduled, the national teams can play friendlies.


Elections are held at the beginning of the season, starting the day after the World Cup final. Every second season you elect the national coach and every second season you elect the U-20 coach. Each coach is elected for 2 seasons, ending his term after the World Cup Final.

Note that you will need to have played Hattrick for at least 1 season in order to be able to vote in the National Team elections.

The national team squad

The national coach picks up to 26 players (from teams with real owners) from those players with the corresponding nationality. Once picked, the coach can see the same data for the national team players as you do for your own team.

Having a national team player

If one of your players is on the National Team, their ability to play for your team will be unaffected. National Team matches and club matches are usually played on separate days - except in Hattrick International - so your player is always available to you. National Team matches will not give your player any training. However, there is a risk of being injured while a National Team match.

If your player gets to play a match with the national team there are several benefits for your club:

- You will get a salary reduction of 33% or 40% of the player's salary, depending on whether he is playing in a foreign team or his home country respectively.

- The player gains a lot of experience.

- If a player gets injured and has to leave the field in a match for his national team, as well as the regular salary reduction, the club will get a compensation amounting to 100% of his base salary times the estimated number of weeks the injury is expected to last.

Note that you are expected not to undermine national teams through sabotaging your national team player(s). The National Team Administrators, as a last resort, have the discretion to release players to the transfer market in the event of sabotage.

If you consider running for office, or if you just want more information, we recommend you read the rules for national teams.
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