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The coach

Your coach is an important person responsible for training and inspiring your players.

Coach abilities

Skill: A skilled coach knows the right methods to train players in order to make them better. The more talented your coach is, the more effective training will be. A coach can never be better than level 5 (Excellent). All new teams get a level 3 (Passable) coach to start with.

Leadership: Apart from running training sessions, your coach is also an inspirational source for your players. In general, your team spirit will be better if your coach is a good leader.

Tactics: Your coach can be offensive, defensive, or neutral, which (only) affects your team's performance during the match. An offensive coach improves your attack at some expense to your defense and a defensive coach improves your defense at some expense to your attack. A defensive coach improves defense slightly more than an offensive coach improves attacks. A neutral coach is neither offensive nor defensive, which means he doesn't help or hinder any sector.

Ability deterioration

After your coach has been in charge for one season, his leadership skill will start to slowly deteriorate. Once your coach reaches disastrous leadership, the deterioration starts affecting his trainer skill instead.

Change coach

If you are not satisfied with your coach you can either recruit a new external one or make one of your players coach. A player needs to have been on your team for at least 16 weeks before being made coach. You can change your coach on the "Staff" page, found under the “My Club" menu.

Remember, all new trainers of a certain skill level are equal. If you purchase a coach with a level 3 (Passable) trainer skill for example, they always become "average" level 3 coaches. However, a level 5 (Excellent), coach is only 1/2 step better than a level 4 (Solid) coach.

When you hire a new coach your old coach will remain in the team as a player, but he can never become a trainer again. And... you can not sell him, either. If you don't want to keep him, you will have to fire him.

Recruit an external coach

When you recruit a new coach you first decide what style of play you want your coach to implement. Then you decide how good you want him to be. Each combination of leadership and skill has a fixed price - the better the trainer the higher the price.

Skill Level poor (3) weak (4) inadequate (5) passable (6) solid (7)
Skill Level: 1 - weak (4)
10 000 US$ 10 000 US$ 10 000 US$ 10 000 US$ 10 000 US$
Skill Level: 2 - inadequate (5)
10 000 US$ 22 800 US$ 41 200 US$ 65 100 US$ 94 600 US$
Skill Level: 3 - passable (6)
79 600 US$ 182 800 US$ 329 700 US$ 521 000 US$ 757 100 US$
Skill Level: 4 - solid (7)
268 700 US$ 617 100 US$ 1 112 900 US$ 1 758 500 US$ 2 555 500 US$
Skill Level: 5 - excellent (8)
4 000 000 US$ 4 388 400 US$ 7 914 600 US$ 12 505 200 US$ 18 172 500 US$

Make a player coach

When you turn a player into coach he will keep his current leadership. His experience determines how skilled he can become, and also how much his coaching course to reach a certain skill level costs. So, if you have a very experienced player with high leadership, this can be a real bargain. The player must, however, have been in your squad for at least a season (16 weeks) before you can make him a coach.

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