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As mentioned in the lineup chapter; if one of your players gets injured, the substitute for that position will enter the pitch automatically. But you can also set up preconditioned substitutions.

Preconditioned substitutions

You can in advance set up substitutions for a match, either for making that master-mind tactical move or just to swap a tired player for a fresh one. You can for example change a forward for an extra defender to secure your lead in a game, or swap a defender for a forward if you're down. You can also choose to change the individual player order for a player.

Adding a preconditioned substitution

To add a substitution you go to the "Subs/Orders" tab in the match order form. You pick the player you want to leave the pitch and the substitute who will enter. You then decide the conditions of the substitution. You can set up the substitution to happen after a certain minute, and/or depending on the standings in the game by displaying the "advanced options". Moreover, in the advanced options you can also add a condition if one of your (or your opponent's) players gets a red card and change the player's position.

Adding a behaviour change

You add behaviour changes in the "Subs/Orders" tab too. Similar to adding a substitution you pick the player in mind and then add the conditions for when you want him to change behaviour.

You can add five player orders

You may add up to five different player orders (substitutions and behaviour changes). But remember, the referee will not let you make more than three substitutions in a match.

Orders are carried out when the conditions are met

All your player orders will be carried out in the match as soon as all the conditions set before the match is met. If the condition isn't met, the order will not be carried out. If you order a substitution in the 65th minute at any standing, the substitution will be carried out in the 65th minute. If you order a substitution in the 70th minute if you're in the lead, the substitution will be carried out at any time after the 70th minute when/if the condition is met. So if you get into the lead in the 80th minute, your substitution will be carried out first then.

If you set up two orders for the 70th minute, one if you're in the lead and the other if you're in the lead by more than one, and is in the lead with 3-0 when that time comes – both orders will be issued.

Please note: If you have set up two orders with the same conditions (match minute and result, for example) they will NOT be executed at the exact same moment but in the order they were created.

After the match you can see (but not your opponent) a list over all your player orders via a link on the star rating page, together with information when they were issued or why they weren't issued.

You can't react on injuries

It's not possible to set up any conditions for injuries. If one of your players gets injured during a match, the automatic system deals with it. This also means that an injury can mess up your substitution plans, just like in real life football.
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